Modal definition

Modal means a mode of transportation, and "multimodal" means two or more modes of transportation.
Modal means the met2h1od of mathematical calculation used to determine prevailing values by assessing the range of wa2g2es paid and the total number of workers engaged in a specific class of construction work in a given 2lo3cality, and calculating prevailing wage and benefit rates based on the dollar value of wages and em2p4loyer-provided benefits paid to the greatest number of workers 2e5mployed on works of similar character in that geographic area.
Modal means a mode of transportation, and "multi-modal"

Examples of Modal in a sentence

  • Modal Rules for the protection of health, sanitary arrangements for workers employed by HPPWD or its contractor.

  • The following two conditions must be met before MDOT, its Modal Administrations and the Maryland Transportation Authority may approve a third-tier contracting agreement: (a) the bidder/offeror must request in writing approval of each third-tier contract arrangement, and (b) the request must contain specifics as to why a third-tier contracting arrangement should be approved.

  • Where any information required of a contractor is in the exclusive possession of another who fails or refuses to furnish the information, the contractor will so certify to the Recipient or the (Title of Modal Operating Administration), as appropriate, and will set forth what efforts it has made to obtain the information.

  • Minimum Modal Bandwidth: 160 MHz-km at 850 nm; 500 MHz-km at 1300 nm.

  • The contractor will take action with respect to any subcontract or procurement as the Recipient or the (Title of Modal Operating Administration) may direct as a means of enforcing such provisions including sanctions for noncompliance.

  • The contractor (hereinafter includes consultants) will comply with the Acts and the Regulations relative to Non-discrimination in Federally-assisted programs of the U.S. Department of Transportation, (Title of Modal Operating Administration), as they may be amended from time to time, which are herein incorporated by reference and made a part of this contract.

  • The contractor will provide all information and reports required by the Acts, the Regulations, and directives issued pursuant thereto and will permit access to its books, records, accounts, other sources of information, and its facilities as may be determined by the Recipient or the (Title of Modal Operating Administration) to be pertinent to ascertain compliance with such Acts, Regulations, and instructions.

  • You have an option to change the Premium payment mode by submitting a written request to Us. Any change in the Premium payment mode will result in a change in the Premium amount basis the applicable Modal Factors.

  • Modal premium” means the premium paid on a contract based on a premium term which could be annual, semiannual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly.

  • Delhi Integrated Multi Modal Transit System Ltd.( A Joint Venture of Govt.

More Definitions of Modal

Modal has the meaning ascribed to it in the recitals.
Modal means that a program word remains effective in every subse- quent program block until you

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  • Medical cannabis card means the same as that term is defined in Section 26-61a-102.

  • Optional Services means services that a USF Service Provider is authorized but not required to provide pursuant to the USF Services and Subsidy Agreement and any Licences held by a USF Service Provider;

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