Minimal Fee definition

Minimal Fee means allowable fees collected from government sources.
Minimal Fee means allowable fees collected or payable from government sources and shall not include any funds from an incapacitated person's estate.

Examples of Minimal Fee in a sentence

  • Placement of a permanent employeeNon-recurring placement fee: 18% of the yearly gross salary (plus value added tax / MwSt)Gross salary = net salary plus the employer portion of compulsory social deductions plus possible board and lodging, commuting costs, vehicle compensation and bonuses) Minimal Fee (per placement of a permanent employee) CHF 2’500.00 (plus value added tax / MwSt) Placement of a temporary employeeA repeated commitment by the same candidate will be subject to a fee.

  • Moreover, the Debtors have listed just two minimal claims for Fogarty in their schedules: (i) for $20,000, the Minimal Fee required under the Agreement, and (ii) a claim which they state is unliquidated, disputed and contingent.

  • Declare Old Patrol Cars as Surplus Property and Donate or Sell two of them at a Minimal Fee to Allied Agencies Police Chief Salvador explained this is initially downsizing our vehicles to meet the downsizing of our Department.

  • This fee cannot be raised at any time for any reason unless the parcel conditions are changed and meet one of the criteria listed below.The Minimal Fee applies to parcels that are west of the defined line AND meet one or more of the following conditions:1.

  • De minimis extractorsThe Minimal Fee does NOT apply to parcels of any size that are west of the defined line AND meet one or more of the following conditions:1.

  • A line delineating lands that are irrigated (green) versus not irrigated (brown) based on satellite imagery (source and year to be determined).Parcels west of the defined line receive a refund of the $1.61 that they have paid and instead are charged a minimal fee of $0.10 per acre per year (Minimal Fee).

Related to Minimal Fee

  • Initial Fee means any fee charged to initiate a contract

  • Annual Fee has the meaning stated in Section 4.02(a).

  • Monthly Fee means the total consideration, including but not limited to, equipment or locker rental,

  • Service Fee means a fee charged by us to you for the administration of your credit facility.

  • Nominal fee means a fee that reasonably reimburses a municipality only for time spent and expenses incurred in:

  • Professional Fee Amount means the aggregate amount of Professional Fee Claims and other unpaid fees and expenses that Professionals estimate they have incurred or will incur in rendering services to the Debtors prior to and as of the Confirmation Date, which estimates Professionals shall deliver to the Debtors as set forth in Article II.B of the Plan.

  • Annual Fees means the annual fees determined by the Council in terms of section 27;

  • Contract Fee means the lump sum rates as outlined in Schedule ‘B’ – Quote Form.

  • Rental Fee A fee charged by the Contractor for the rental of a compactor or roll-off container.

  • referral fee means any form of compensation, direct or indirect, paid for the referral of a client to or from a registrant.

  • Additional Fee means a fee, in addition to the licence fee, imposed by the municipality on a business at any time during the term of the licence for costs incurred by the municipality attributable to the activities of the business;

  • Hire Fee the hire fee specified in Item 13.

  • Upfront Fee has the meaning specified in Section 2.07 hereof.

  • Pupil fee means a fee, deposit or other charge imposed on pupils, or a pupil’s parents or guardians, in violation of Section 49011 of the Education Code and Section 5 of Article IX of the California Constitution, which require educational activities to be provided free of charge to all pupils without regard to their families’ ability or willingness to pay fees or request special waivers, as provided for in Hartzell v. Connell (1984) 35 Cal.3d 899. A pupil fee includes, but is not limited to, all of the following:

  • Impact fee means a payment of money imposed under Title 11, Chapter 36a, Impact Fees Act.

  • Renewal Fee means the fee that Borrower must pay Coast upon renewal of this Agreement pursuant to Section 9.1 hereof, in the amount set forth on the Schedule.

  • Monthly Fees means, collectively, [INSERT FOR HFS: the Monthly Food and Beverage Fee,] the Monthly Program Fee and the Monthly Royalty Fee, each of which is set forth in the Addendum. [INSERT FOR HFS: “Monthly Food and Beverage Fee” means the fee we require from you in Subsection 8.2, which is set forth in the Addendum.]

  • License Fee means the amount payable by the licensee to DMRC as per rates offered by the Selected Bidder for utilization of licensed space and accepted by DMRC to be paid by the Licensee along with other charges and any kind of Central or State Taxes, local levies, statutory dues, etc. that may be payable by the licensee as per prevalent law.

  • Distribution Fee means a percentage of MRP of each of the Subscribed Channels payable by SDSPL to the Licensee towards fee for distribution of each of the Subscribed Channels as more specifically specified in Annexure B and Annexure B-1 of this Agreement.

  • Service Fees means all fees payable by Party B to Party A pursuant to Article 3 of this Agreement in respect of the Services provided by Party A.

  • Access Fee means a fee prescribed for the purposes of section 22(6) or 54(6), as the case may be;

  • Utilization Fee shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.06(b).

  • Base Fee $60 million (Avg Daily Net Assets For Most Recent Month) * 0.45% * (31/365) = $22,931.51 Performance Fee: $40 million (Avg Daily Net Assets for rolling 12-month period) * -0.25% * (31/365) = $(8,493.15) Total Fulcrum Fee: $14,438.36 = $22,931.51 (Base Fee) - $8,493.15 (Performance Fee)

  • Monthly Service Fee means a monthly charge to a member for continuing care and not as rent, or a daily prorated portion thereof.

  • Tuition Fee means the basic tuition fee applicable to specific programmes and shall include auxiliary fees which are for required instruction but shall exclude any other fees such as international student differential fees, co-op fees, and student union fees.

  • Services Fee means, collectively, the Senior Services Fees and the Subordinated Services Fees.