Lot Owners definition

Lot Owners means the owners of the Servient Lots from time to time both jointly and severally, as applicable;
Lot Owners means any person, firm, corporation, trust or entity who holds fee title to a lot or undivided interest in fee title to a lot.
Lot Owners means the owners of the Burdened Lot from time to time both jointly and severally, as applicable;

Examples of Lot Owners in a sentence

  • The Board, or its duly authorized representative, shall conduct a hearing with the Lot Owner seeking such variance and any Lot Owners adjacent or contiguous to such Lot, in order to consider any objections, concerns or comments regarding such variance, except that the decision to grant a variance is to be determined solely by the Board.

  • Unless the Lot Owners agree otherwise in writing, each Lot Owner shall be responsible for mowing its lawn and removing snow from its driveway and sidewalk in compliance with City of Lodi ordinances.

  • Funds do not include the personal money, securities or tangible property of Lot Owners.

  • Notwithstanding anything contained in these Deed Restrictions to the contrary, as long as the Lot Owner or Resident, reside upon the Lot, Lot Owners and Residents, are not prohibited from leasing or subleasing, for Single Family residential purposes, a room or portion of the Dwelling or Secondary Quarters on such Lot to a person related to the Lot Owner or Resident by blood, marriage, or adoption.

  • For the purpose of this Article 7, it shall be presumed that the Lot Owners as reflected by the Deed Records of Harris County, Texas, have full ownership of the Lots.

More Definitions of Lot Owners

Lot Owners means (i) Unit Interested Parties, (ii) the fee owner or ground lessee of any portion of the Subject Property, (iii) all mortgagees of any interest in the Subject Property, and (iv) all boards of managers of any condominium corporation and boards of directors of any cooperative corporation on the Subject Property.
Lot Owners means the fee simple owner(s) of record title to the Lot, regardless of the type of tenancy or estate.
Lot Owners mean that Person or those Persons owning a fee-simple interest in a Lot or Lots, each of whom is also a “member” of the Association, as defined in Ohio’s non-profit corporation statutes.
Lot Owners. “Owner” and “Owners” means any person, firm, trust, corporation or other legal entity that owns a fee simple interest in any Lot in the Rancho North Property. Lot Owners shall be members of the Rancho Murieta North Association and of any other Rancho North Association that is given jurisdiction over the Owner’s Lot pursuant to a Recorded Supplemental Declaration.
Lot Owners means all the members of the Owners Corporation.
Lot Owners means any person or other entity owning legal or equitable title to or purchasing a Lot, or any person having a right of occupancy to any dwelling constructed on a Lot
Lot Owners or "Owner(s)" means the person, or legal entity, or the combination thereof, including contract sellers, holding the record fee simple or perpetually renewable leasehold title to a Lot in the Property, as the Lot is now or may from time to time hereafter be created or established. If more than one person, or other legal entity or any combination thereof, holds the record title to any Lot, all of them shall be deemed a single record owner and shall be a single member of the Association by virtue of their ownership of the Lot. The term "Lot Owner(s)" or "Owner(s)", shall not mean any contract purchaser, nor shall it include any mort- gagee or other person or legal entity holding an interest in any portion of the Property as security for the performance of an obliga- tion (each, a "Mortgagee") unless and until such time as such Mortgagee, by judicial foreclosure or any action in lieu thereof, holds record fee simple title to a Lot or Lots in the Property, at which time such Mortgagee shall be deemed to be a Lot Owner.