Landmark definition

Landmark means any improvement which has a special character or special historic interest or value as part of the development, heritage or cultural characteristics of the city, state or nation and which has been designated as a landmark pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.
Landmark has the meaning set forth in the preamble.

Examples of Landmark in a sentence

  • Staff administers grants funded through New York State Certified Local Government Awards and serves as the communicating link between Community Development, City Hall, the Landmark Preservation Board, State and Federal agencies and the general public.

  • Concerning the deductibility of such items, the parties focused their discussion and arguments at trial and on brief on the following categories: Cash, items purchased at Neiman Marcus, items purchased at Landmark Jewelers Ltd.

  • The testimony pertaining to Landmark Jewelers was similar in that Mr. Deihl indicated that purchases were made at the jewelry store for both promotional rewards and “actual gifts”.

  • Deihl admitted that personal items had been bought at Landmark Jewelers in earlier years.

  • Stathis, Landmark Legislation, v.Legislation, therefore, represents a new resource for studying Congress that some scholars have put to use in new and exciting work.25Using Stathis’ brief summaries, we looked for language that indicated a Congressional reassertion effort.

More Definitions of Landmark

Landmark means a property or structure designated as a “landmark” by ordinance of the City Council, pursuant to procedures prescribed herein, which is worthy of rehabilitation, restoration, interpretation and preservation because of its historic, architectural or archaeological significance to the City of Webster Groves.
Landmark means any designated improvement or natural feature that has special character, or has special historical, cultural, architectural, archeological, community, or aesthetic value as part of the heritage of the city, region, state, or nation.
Landmark. Preamble "Landmark Financial Statements" 3.29 "Leases" 3.11(c) "Library Films" 3.20(a) "Licensed Intellectual Property Rights" 3.19(b) "MPAA" 3.20(b) "Orion" Preamble "Overpayment" 2.03(e) "Owned Intellectual Property Rights" 3.19(a) "P&A" 5.01(a)(ix) "Permits" 3.15(a) "Personal Property Leases" 3.11(c) "Preliminary Purchase Price" 2.03(b) "Preliminary Statement" 2.03(b) "Proceedings" 3.13 "Pro Forma Statements" 3.09 "Purchase Price" 2.03(a) "Real Property Leases" 3.11(c) "Required Consents" 3.15(b) "Required Contractual Consent" 3.15(b) "Required Governmental Approval" 3.15(b) "Scheduled Contracts" 3.14(a) "SEC" 3.05 "SEC Documents" 3.27 "Section 338 Elections" 11.02(a) "Section 338 Taxes" 11.02(c) "Securities Act" 7.07(a) "Selected Firm" 2.03(c) "Seller" Preamble "Seller Indemnitees" 9.02 "Shares" Recitals "Subsequent Material Contract" 5.01(b)(v) "Tax Claim" 11.04(a) "Tax Indemnitee" 11.04(a) "Tax Indemnitor" 11.04(a) "Unaffiliated Production Company" 3.21(b) "Unpaid Balance" 2.03(d) 10 18
Landmark means Landmark Information Group Ltd of 7 Abbey Court, Eagle Way, Sowton, Exeter, registered in England under number 06592213.
Landmark means Defendant Landmark U.S. Corp LLC, a Delaware limited liability company with its headquarters in Houston, Texas; Defendant LM U.S. Member LLC, a
Landmark has the meaning ascribed to that term in the introductory paragraph.