Landmark definition

Landmark means any improvement which has a special character or special historic interest or value as part of the development, heritage or cultural characteristics of the city, state or nation and which has been designated as a landmark pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.
Landmark has the meaning set forth in the preamble.

Examples of Landmark in a sentence

  • A N D M A R K S P R E S E R V A T I O N C O M M I S S I O NN o t i c e o f D e c i s i o n DATE OF BOARD DECISION: February 2, 2023 DATE NOTICE MAILED: March 6, 2023APPEAL PERIOD EXPIRATION: March 21, 2023 EFFECTIVE DATE OF PERMIT (Barring Appeal): March 22, 20231 1911 Fourth Street – Spenger’s Fish GrottoStructural Alteration Permit #LMSAP2022-0014 to install two temporary structures immediately adjacent to a tenant space within a City Landmark property.

  • The CHP is sized to provide (with the Landmark development CHP) the domestic hot water load, as well as a proportion of the space heating.

  • Impact Financial News, Cooley Helps Achieve Landmark Victory for Transgender Prisoner, Oct.

  • Consider approving the Superintendent’s recommendation to allow Locust Fork Elementary School to enter into a contract with Landmark Tour & Travel, LLC to transport the sixth grade students to and from Atlanta, Georgia on November 8, 2018.

  • March 2022 Landmark carbon transaction marks turning point for global “Blue Carbon” marketThe first tranche of carbon credits from the world’s largest mangrove restoration project have been sold in a series of major deals for the Blue Carbon market.

More Definitions of Landmark

Landmark means a property or structure designated as a “landmark” by ordinance of the City Council, pursuant to procedures prescribed herein, which is worthy of rehabilitation, restoration, interpretation and preservation because of its historic, architectural or archaeological significance to the City of Webster Groves.
Landmark means any designated improvement or natural feature that has special character, or has special historical, cultural, architectural, archeological, community, or aesthetic value as part of the heritage of the city, region, state, or nation.
Landmark. Preamble "Landmark Financial Statements" 3.29 "Leases" 3.11(c) "Library Films" 3.20(a) "Licensed Intellectual Property Rights" 3.19(b) "MPAA" 3.20(b) "Orion" Preamble "Overpayment" 2.03(e) "Owned Intellectual Property Rights" 3.19(a) "P&A" 5.01(a)(ix) "Permits" 3.15(a) "Personal Property Leases" 3.11(c) "Preliminary Purchase Price" 2.03(b) "Preliminary Statement" 2.03(b) "Proceedings" 3.13 "Pro Forma Statements" 3.09 "Purchase Price" 2.03(a) "Real Property Leases" 3.11(c) "Required Consents" 3.15(b) "Required Contractual Consent" 3.15(b) "Required Governmental Approval" 3.15(b) "Scheduled Contracts" 3.14(a) "SEC" 3.05 "SEC Documents" 3.27 "Section 338 Elections" 11.02(a) "Section 338 Taxes" 11.02(c) "Securities Act" 7.07(a) "Selected Firm" 2.03(c) "Seller" Preamble "Seller Indemnitees" 9.02 "Shares" Recitals "Subsequent Material Contract" 5.01(b)(v) "Tax Claim" 11.04(a) "Tax Indemnitee" 11.04(a) "Tax Indemnitor" 11.04(a) "Unaffiliated Production Company" 3.21(b) "Unpaid Balance" 2.03(d) 10 18
Landmark means Landmark American Insurance Company.