Junk Removal Service definition

Junk Removal Service means a person who lawfully, in full accordance with all City ordinances, and on 766 a nonexclusive and irregular basis provides clean-up services such as shoveling, sweeping, bagging and 767 boxing of items, other than Construction and Demolition Debris, from yards and buildings, and 768 incidental to these services loads discarded items into a van or truck and hauls the discarded items from 769 the site in lieu of the resident performing such tasks. 770 1.69 Large Apartment Complexes‌ 771 “Large Apartment Complexes” have fifty (50) or more apartment units and are primarily tenant 772 occupied. Large Apartment Complexes do not include condominiums, town homes and mobile home 773 parks. 774 1.70 Major Equipment‌ 775 “Major Equipment” means any equipment, whether new or used and whether owned or leased, that 776 has a new value of more than Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000). 777 1.71 Mandatory Service Recipients‌ 778 “Mandatory Service Recipients” means occupants and/or owners of all Single-Family Property, Multi- 779 Family Property and Commercial Property within the City boundaries, and all such premises that may be 780 added from time to time by means of annexation, new construction, or otherwise during the term of 781 this Agreement. Any question as to whether premises fall within the category of Mandatory Service 782 Recipient shall be determined by City. 783 1.72 Marketing‌ 784 “Market” or “Marketing” (or other variations thereof) means all obligations of Contractor, and Approved 785 Facilities providing Processing services, with respect to selling or giving away Recyclables and 786 Compostables, including promotion, storage, insurance, packaging, transportation, sales, weighing, and 787 maintaining records with respect thereto. 788 1.73 Maximum Rate‌ 789 “Maximum Rate” means the maximum amount, expressed as a dollar unit that the Contractor or City 790 may xxxx a Service Recipient for providing services under this Agreement, as approved by the City. 791 1.74 Multi-Family, Multi-Family Property, Multi-Family Complex‌

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  • Graffiti remover means a product labeled to remove spray paint, ink, marker, crayon, lipstick, nail polish, or shoe polish, from a variety of noncloth or nonfabric substrates. “Graffiti Remover” does not include “Paint Remover or Stripper,” “Nail Polish Remover,” or “Spot Remover.” Products labeled for dual use as both a paint stripper and graffiti remover are considered “Graffiti Removers.”

  • Legend Removal Date shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 4.1(c).

  • Monthly Minimum Removal Efficiency means the minimum reduction in the pollutant parameter specified when the effluent average monthly concentration for that parameter is compared to the influent average monthly concentration.

  • Serviced Appointment has the meaning set forth in Section 1.1.

  • Additional Servicer Each affiliate of each Servicer that services any of the Mortgage Loans and each Person who is not an affiliate of the any Servicer, who services 10% or more of the Mortgage Loans. For clarification purposes, the Master Servicer and the Securities Administrator are Additional Servicers.

  • Nail polish remover means a product designed to remove nail polish and coatings from fingernails or toenails.

  • Bug and tar remover means a product labeled to remove either or both of the following from painted motor vehicle surfaces without causing damage to the finish:

  • Paint remover or stripper means any product designed to strip or remove paints or other related coatings, by chemical action, from a substrate without markedly affecting the substrate. “Paint Remover or Stripper” does not include “Multi-purpose Solvent,” paint brush cleaners, products designed and labeled exclusively as “Graffiti Remover,” and hand cleaner products that claim to remove paints and other related coatings from skin.

  • Personal service means professional or technical expertise

  • aerodrome control service means air traffic control service for aerodrome traffic;

  • Basic Municipal Service means a municipal service that is necessary to ensure an acceptable and reasonable quality of life and which, if not provided, would endanger public health or safety or the environment;

  • Notice of Removal means a notice, under clause 17.4.5, from an Association to a Nominated Person Removing the Nominated Person.

  • Additional Service means any Services/Deliverables within the scope of the Contract, but not specifically provided under any Statement of Work, that once added will result in the need to provide the Contractor with additional consideration.

  • Adhesive remover means a product designed to remove adhesive from either a specific substrate or a variety of substrates. “Adhesive Remover” does not include products that remove adhesives intended for use on humans or animals.

  • Removal Event has the meaning set forth in Section 12.12 hereof.

  • approach control service means air traffic control service for arriving or departing controlled flights;

  • Basic generation service or "BGS" means electric generation

  • Removal Notice shall have the meaning specified in Section 2.07(b).

  • School service means a website, mobile application or online service that (i) is designed and marketed solely for use in elementary or secondary schools; (ii) is used (a) at the direction of teachers or other employees at elementary or secondary schools or (b) by any school-affiliated entity; and (iii) collects and maintains, uses or shares student personal information. "School service" does not include a website, mobile application or online service that is (a) used for the purposes of college and career readiness assessment or (b) designed and marketed for use by individuals or entities generally, even if it is also marketed for use in elementary or secondary schools.

  • General purpose adhesive remover means a product designed or labeled to remove cyanoacrylate adhesives as well as nonreactive adhesives or residue from a variety of substrates. “General Purpose Adhesive Remover” includes, but is not limited to, products that remove thermoplastic adhesives; pressure sensitive adhesives; dextrine or starch-based adhesives; casein glues; rubber or latex-based adhesives; as well as products that remove stickers; decals; stencils; or similar materials. “General Purpose Adhesive Remover” does not include “Floor or Wall Covering Adhesive Remover.”

  • Mobile Banking Service means the EB Services which we enable you to access via the Mobile Banking App or a web browser designed for use on a Mobile Device; and

  • Loose-fitting facepiece means a respiratory inlet covering that is designed to form a partial seal with the face.

  • Removal Notice Date means, with respect to the Removed Accounts designated hereby, , (which shall be a date on or prior to the fifth Business Day prior to the Removal Date).

  • civil service means the civil service of the State;

  • Toll Billing Exception Service (TBE means a service that allows End Users to restrict third number billing or collect calls to their lines.

  • area control service means air traffic control service for controlled flights in control areas;