Restricted Appointment definition

Restricted Appointment means (a) any Appointment for which the applicable Authorizations have not been obtained, and (b) any Appointment for which the maturity date of the applicable Corporate Trust Contract is on or before June 30, 2022.
Restricted Appointment means a temporary appointment or combination of temporary appointments not to exceed a cumulative total of six months in a calendar year for a person.

Examples of Restricted Appointment in a sentence

  • The Delaware Trust Assets Purchaser shall be the Servicer engaged to perform and discharge the Serviced Duties in respect of each Appointment of Wells Trust Company that continues to be treated as a Restricted Appointment.

  • The procedures set forth in this Article IV, Section H shall apply only to reports that a Tenured faculty member or a faculty member with a Tenure-Track/Probationary Appointment or a Continuing Appointment engaged in misconduct, as defined below, and to a faculty member with a Temporary and Restricted Appointment in the case of an allegation of sexual harassment under Title IX, as defined below.

  • Temp (<181 days) [ ]Classified Permanent/Probational [ ]Classified Job Appointment[ ]Classified Restricted Appointment[ ]Master Posn.

  • Restricted Appointment: A restricted appointment is an appointment to a position that is funded in whole or in part by non-State revenues, or has been accepted under special conditions, or that is identifiable as non-continuing in nature.

  • These clerical support positions will be filled on a temporary appointment (Job Appointment or Restricted Appointment), subject to benefits that apply to the type of appointment and will be monitored and reviewed by the Human Resources staff.

  • The proposed change to Chapter 6 removes references to Restricted Appointment and replaces them with the references to the proposed Classified - When Actually Employed (WAE) appointment.

  • Restricted Appointment: A position • funded through sponsored contracts or grants, or • with a specified ending or termination date, regardless of the funding source.

  • General or Restricted Appointment (Amendment: 5731)(a) The Appointment may be general, for all the professional affairs of the attorney, or restricted to particular matters or classes of matters.(b) A person who represents another party in a matter which was dealt with by the attorney shall not be appointed to deal with the matter.

Related to Restricted Appointment

  • Excluded Appointments means those Appointments designated from time to time as "Excluded Appointments" by agreement of the parties.

  • Succeeded Appointment means any Appointment for which a Succession Time has occurred.

  • Initial appointment means appointment made otherwise than by promotion or transfer;

  • Provisional appointment means the employment of a person to a vacant position for no more than a six-month period for emergency or in interim conditions. The General Manager may extend a provisional appointment for up to an additional six-month period.

  • Power of appointment means a power that enables a powerholder acting in a nonfiduciary capacity to designate a recipient of an ownership interest in or another power of appointment over the appointive property. The term does not include a power of attorney.

  • General power of appointment means a power of appointment exercisable in favor of the powerholder, the powerholder's estate, a creditor of the powerholder, or a creditor of the powerholder's estate.

  • Letter of Appointment means the written communication by SAICA to the Contractor recording the acceptance by SAICA of Contractor’s bid subject to the further terms and conditions to be itemized in the contract;

  • Probationary appointment means an appointment which is without continuing appointment status and which is neither a soft money nor non-renewable fixed length appointment. Probationary appointees may be removed subject to the provisions of this Article; Article 7,

  • Temporary appointment means an employee hired into a position of limited duration or for completion of a specific task or project without following the rules regarding recruitment and selection. Temporary employees serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority and may be removed at any time without cause, notice or any right of appeal. Temporary employees are not eligible for benefits other than those required by state or federal law.

  • Appointment Date shall have the meaning specified in Section 9.02(a).

  • Appointment means the appointment of any Seller to act in a Corporate Trust Capacity under any of the Corporate Trust Contracts of the Business.

  • Removal Notice shall have the meaning specified in Section 2.07(b).

  • Regularly appointed employee means an individual with an exempt, probationary or regular appointment to a position of City employment.

  • Court appointed special advocate means a volunteer guardian ad litem appointed by the court who is responsible for: researching the background of assigned child abuse, neglect and dependency cases; representing the child's best interests; speaking for the child in all hearings, reviews and other relevant case activities; monitoring the child during the life of the case; and advocating for a safe and permanent home for the child.

  • appointor means in relation to an alternate Director, the Director who appointed the alternate to act as his alternate;

  • Role means the part or parts an Actor plays in a performance, or the "track" that an Artist follows in performance. The Artist may agree to participate in scene changes and/or supplemental business as part of their originally contracted Role.

  • the appointed day means the day on which section 30A of the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 comes into force;

  • Resignation means a voluntary notice by the employee that they are terminating their service on the date specified;

  • (5) SECRETARY.—The term Secretary’ means

  • Removal Notice Date means, with respect to the Removed Accounts designated hereby, , (which shall be a date on or prior to the fifth Business Day prior to the Removal Date).

  • (4) SECRETARY.—The term Secretary’ means

  • Control Person means any Person that holds or is one of a combination of Persons that holds a sufficient number of any of the securities of an issuer so as to affect materially the control of that issuer, or that holds more than 20% of the outstanding voting securities of an issuer except where there is evidence showing that the holder of those securities does not materially affect the control of the issuer;

  • Appointed means the act of naming or designating someone to a position or office.

  • Successor Manager Any Independent Contractor as selected or retained by the Special Servicer, on behalf of the Trustee for the benefit of the Trust and the Companion Loan Holders, to serve as manager of a Foreclosed Property, which designation, as evidenced by written confirmation from each Rating Agency, shall not result in the downgrade, withdrawal or qualification of the ratings assigned to the Certificates by such Rating Agency.