MPI definition

MPI means an electronic database that maintains a unique index (or identifier) for every Individual who has been, or who during the term of the Agreement becomes, registered as a patient at Participant or at any other Participant in the HIE, whether or not the Individual has Opted-Out as specified in the Agreement.

Examples of MPI in a sentence

  • This limits the MPI+OpenMP code to 1 thread per MPI process, which is equivalent to running MPI-only code compiled without OpenMP.

  • The terms "Associated Software and Associated Hardware" mean the software and/or hardware required to access the IHS HIE, eHealth Exchange (Exchange), Personal Health Record (PHR), Master Patient Index (MPI), and Resource and Patient Management System DIRECT (RPMS DIRECT).

  • ADB’s project team should provide guidance to the WSC and collaborate with the Viet Nam Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), the executing agency, to provide training on bid evaluation to existing and potential BEC members.

  • The term “Network” shall mean, collectively, the IHS HIE, eHealth Exchange, RPMS DIRECT, IHS MPI, and IHS PHR.

  • The term "Authorized User" shall mean a person designated by Members to access the IHS HIE, eHealth Exchange, PHR, MPI, and RPMS DIRECT on behalf of that Member, including, but not limited to, an employee or a credentialed medical staff.

More Definitions of MPI

MPI means Missouri Phlebology, Inc., a Missouri corporation