Insurance Documentation definition

Insurance Documentation means the plan and any schedules and endorsements, the application or proposal form, statement of fact, and all other relevant documents. IPA: Isle of Man Insurance and Pensions Authority. JFSC: Jersey Financial Services Commission.
Insurance Documentation means any documentation to be issued by the relevant insurer in relation to the relevant policy.
Insurance Documentation means the documentation produced by HOME & LEGACY which acts as x record of Customer Information supplied by the Agent for the purposes of arranging a Policy, including but not limited to the insurance schedule including any endorsements and individual terms and conditions that are or may be applicable to the Policyholder; the statement of facts document; and the insurance product information document;

Examples of Insurance Documentation in a sentence

  • I/We, the undersigned understand and accept the instructions and conditions under which this bid/proposal is being submitted.This bid/proposal consists of a Proposal, Conditions/Specifications, Certification Statement, References, Mandatory Site Visit Verification Form, Bid/Proposal Summary Sheets, Insurance Documentation, Business License, and any other required documentation to present a complete proposal.

More Definitions of Insurance Documentation

Insurance Documentation. The Operator shall, upon the Client's request, furnish the Client with certificates of insurance and other appropriate documentation (including evidence of renewal of insurance) evidencing all coverage referenced herein. Such certificates and other documentation shall include a provision whereby 30 days' notice must be received by the Client prior to coverage cancellation or material alteration of the coverage by the Operator or the applicable insurer. Such cancellation or material alteration shall not relieve the Operator of its continuing obligation to maintain insurance coverage in accordance with this Section 0. DISPUTE RESOLUTION Any controversy of claim between the parties arising from or in connection with this Agreement, whether based on contract, tort, common law, equity, statute, regulation, order or otherwise (a "Dispute"), shall be resolved in accordance with this Section 0.

Related to Insurance Documentation

  • Service documentation means all records and information on one or more documents, including documents that may be created or maintained in electronic software programs, created and maintained contemporaneously with the delivery of services, and kept in a manner as to fully disclose the nature and extent of services delivered that shall include the items delineated in paragraph (E) of this rule to validate payment for medicaid services.

  • Product Documentation means the specific materials listed under “Product Documentation” at, as updated by Vocera from time to time.

  • Finance Documents means these Terms and Conditions, the Agency Agreement and any other document designated by the Issuer and the Agent as a Finance Document.

  • Security Documentation means all documents and information made available by Google under Section 7.5.1 (Reviews of Security Documentation).

  • Reference Documents means the documents provided with and so designated in the RFP. The Reference Documents, including Plans contained therein and/or so designated, are not Contract Documents and were provided to the Design-Builder for informational purposes only and are relied upon at the Design-Builder’s own risk.

  • Software Documentation means software information, being technical information used, or useful in, or relating to the design, development, use or maintenance of any version of a software programme.

  • Finance Document means this Agreement, any Fee Letter, any Accession Letter, any Resignation Letter and any other document designated as such by the Agent and the Company.

  • Policy Document means this Policy wording the Schedule (which is attached to and forms part of this Policy and includes any Annexure or endorsement to it and, if more than one, then, the latest in time) and the Proposal Form.

  • Flood Documentation means, with respect to each Mortgaged Property located in the United States of America or any territory thereof, (i) a completed “life-of-loan” Federal Emergency Management Agency standard flood hazard determination (to the extent a Mortgaged Property is located in a Special Flood Hazard Area, together with a notice about Special Flood Hazard Area status and flood disaster assistance duly executed by the Borrower and the applicable Loan Party relating thereto) and (ii) a copy of, or a certificate as to coverage under, and a declaration page relating to, the insurance policies required by Section 5.02(c) hereof and the applicable provisions of the Security Documents, each of which shall (A) be endorsed or otherwise amended to include a “standard” or “New York” lender’s loss payable or mortgagee endorsement (as applicable), (B) name the Collateral Agent, on behalf of the Secured Parties, as additional insured and loss payee/mortgagee, (C) identify the address of each property located in a Special Flood Hazard Area, the applicable flood zone designation and the flood insurance coverage and deductible relating thereto and (D) be otherwise in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Collateral Agent.

  • Programme Document means each of the Master Trust Deed, the Agency Agreement, the Registrar Agreement, the Margin Account Agreement, the Margin Account Security Agreement, the Portfolio Administration Agreement, the Operating Procedures Agreement, the Determination Agency Agreement, the Broker Dealer of Record Agreement, the Services Agreement and each Authorised Participant Agreement and "Programme Documents" means all such documents.

  • Conveyance Documents has the meaning set forth in Section 2.02(a).

  • contract of insurance means an agreement between the Secretary of Education and either the Trustee or the Seller providing for the insurance by the Secretary of Education of the principal of and accrued interest on a FFELP Loan to the maximum extent permitted under the Higher Education Act.

  • Standard Hazard Insurance Policy means a fire and casualty extended coverage insurance policy in such amount and with such coverage as required by this Agreement.

  • Scope Document means the document (if any) that is provided with and becomes part of the Order Form and which defines sometimes in conjunction with a Service Description (as applicable) the Services to be provided.

  • Insurance Policy With respect to any Mortgage Loan included in the Trust Fund, any insurance policy, including all riders and endorsements thereto in effect, including any replacement policy or policies for any Insurance Policies.

  • Insurance Agreement means the Insurance and Indemnity Agreement (as may be amended, modified or supplemented from time to time), dated as of September 29, 2004, by and among the Insurer, Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., as Sponsor and Master Servicer, the Depositor, the Issuer and JPMorgan Chase Bank, as Indenture Trustee.

  • Reinsurance Agreement means any agreement, contract, treaty, certificate or other arrangement whereby any Regulated Insurance Company agrees to transfer, cede or retrocede to another insurer or reinsurer all or part of the liability assumed or assets held by such Regulated Insurance Company under a policy or policies of insurance issued by such Regulated Insurance Company or under a reinsurance agreement assumed by such Regulated Insurance Company.

  • Program Documentation refers to the user manuals, help windows, readme files for the Services and any Oracle Software. You may access the documentation online at xxxx:// or such other address specified by Oracle.