Initial Delivery definition

Initial Delivery has the meaning specified in Section 2.1(a).
Initial Delivery means the first time each container is delivered to a site.
Initial Delivery means the later of (i) the date on which Seller’s obligations under Section 2.2 are satisfied; (ii) the date on which Utility provides written notification to Seller that the Facility has been designated a Network Resource as provided under Section 4.2; and (iii) the Scheduled Initial Delivery Date.

Examples of Initial Delivery in a sentence

  • This definition and references to “Scheduled Commercial Operation Date” to be deleted in case of PPA with operational QF and replaced with definition of and references to “Scheduled Initial Delivery Date.” “Scheduled Initial Delivery Date” means [ ].

  • Seller shall comply with the terms and conditions of the Transmission Agreement(s) between the Seller and the third-party Transmission Provider(s) and shall at all times on and after the Commercial Operation Date [or Initial Delivery Date, in the case of an existing QF] during the term of the Agreement hold rights sufficient to reserve Firm Delivery of Net Output up to the Maximum Delivery Rate to the Point of Delivery for the Term of the Agreement (i.e., such as through rollover rights).

More Definitions of Initial Delivery

Initial Delivery means delivery of the "Initial Materials" and "Additional Delivery" means delivery of the "Additional Materials." The "Delivery Materials" consist of the Initial Materials or Additional Materials as the context requires.
Initial Delivery means the first day of the month following the date when the entire Pipeline (from Xxxxxxx to the Xxxxx C.P.) and all of the Delivery Points are complete and functional, and Charis is able to receive water at all of these Delivery Points.
Initial Delivery. Licensor will give Distributor a "Notice of Initial Delivery" that it is prepared to deliver the Initial Materials by the date specified in the Deal Terms, or, if none is specified, promptly after the Picture is ready for Initial Delivery. Upon receipt of such Notice: 8.2.1 If the Initial Materials are identified in the Deal Terms, the Distributor will immediately pay for such Initial Materials and their cost of shipment. Payment and shipment will be made as specified in the Deal Terms or, if not there specified, as in Licensor's Notice of Initial Delivery. Licensor will then ship all Initial Materials to Distributor as specified in the Deal Terms or Licensor's Notice of Initial Delivery. 8.2.2 If the available Initial Materials are specified in Licensor's Notice of Initial Delivery, then within ten (10) days of receipt of this Notice Distributor will give Notice to Licensor stating the number of pre-print items, prints, trailers, advertising and promotional accessories, support items and other Initial Materials relating to the Picture that Distributor reasonably requires, all of which will be subject to Licensor's reasonable approval.
Initial Delivery shall occur when all the following conditions have been satisfied for the Project: Seller has completed, to SCE’s satisfaction, Seller’s obligations set forth in Sections 4.01(a) through 4.01(f); Each Storage Unit has achieved Commercial Operation; Seller has received: authority from FERC, pursuant to Section 205 of the Federal Power Act, 16 U.S.C. § 824d (“Market-Based Rate Authority”) for wholesale sales of electric energy, capacity and ancillary services at market-based rates, and all other approvals and authorizations required for Seller to perform its obligations under this Agreement; Seller has executed a “Participating Generator Agreement” and/or “Participating Load Agreement,” as applicable, “Meter Service Agreement For CAISO Metered Entities,” as those terms are defined in the CAISO Tariff, and any other forms or agreements required by the CAISO with respect to the Project, and delivered true and complete copies of all such forms and agreements to SCE; Seller has entered into and complied in all material respects with all obligations under all interconnection agreements required to enable parallel operation of the Project with the Transmission Provider’s electric system and the CAISO Controlled Grid; Seller has deposited with SCE the applicable Performance Assurance pursuant to Section 7.02(a); Seller has executed and delivered to SCE all other documents or instruments required under Article 7 (Credit and Collateral); SCE shall have obtained or waived CPUC Approval; Seller has delivered to SCE all insurance documents required under Section 14.07 (Insurance); Seller has obtained CAISO Certification for each Storage Unit; Seller has obtained and delivered to SCE a certification that the Project is fully deliverable, as determined by the CAISO, for the purposes of counting an amount equal to the Contract Capacity towards RA Compliance Obligations; Seller has paid to SCE the full amount of the Excess Network Upgrade Costs, if applicable; Seller has obtained a Unit NQC for each Storage Unit and the Unit NQC for each such Storage Unit is not less than seventy-five percent (75%) of the Predicted SU Capacity, as set forth in Exhibit B, for such Storage Unit; and Seller has obtained a Unit EFC for each Storage Unit and the Unit EFC for each such Storage Unit is not less than seventy-five percent (75%) of the Predicted SU Flexible Capacity, as set forth in Exhibit B, for such Storage Unit. The Parties agree that, in order for Seller to obtain the Initial De...
Initial Delivery means that the Renewable Energy Facility is fully operational and reliable and the Renewable Energy Facility is fully interconnected, fully integrated, and synchronized with the System, all of which shall be Seller's responsibility to receive or obtain, and which occurs when all of the following events (a) have occurred, and (b) remain simultaneously true and accurate as of the date and moment on which Seller gives PacifiCorp notice that Initial Delivery has occurred:
Initial Delivery means the delivery of the Liferafts by SURVITEC at the Location, as described in Conditions 2 and 3.
Initial Delivery shall be deemed to have been made when RHI has received and approved the technical quality of all materials marked with an asterisk on Exhibit A hereto. Producer hereby agrees that Initial Delivery shall be made to RHI simultaneously with delivery to the Network Licensee. Delivery shall be deemed complete when RHI has approved the technical quality of all the materials set forth in Exhibit A by written notice to Producer ("Completion of Delivery"). For purposes of approving the technical quality of tendered Materials, RHI shall have a ten (10) business day inspection period commencing upon the tendering by Producer of the last of the items required pursuant to Exhibit A (first with respect to Initial Delivery and again with respect to the additional items required for Completion of Delivery). Failure to object to any item within such ten (10) business day inspection period shall be deemed acceptance thereof. If thereafter the parties continue to disagree about the acceptability of tendered delivery, the parties shall submit the matter to binding arbitration before a single arbitrator in New York City in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association for expedited arbitration. The arbitrator shall have the authority to award professional fees and expenses to the prevailing party.