Delivered definition

Delivered with respect to any notice to be delivered, given or mailed to a Holder pursuant to this Indenture, shall mean notice (x) given to the Depositary (or its designee) pursuant to the standing instructions from the Depositary or its designee, including by electronic mail in accordance with accepted practices or procedures at the Depositary (in the case of a Global Note) or (y) mailed to such Holder by first class mail, postage prepaid, at its address as it appears on the Note Register, in each case in accordance with Section 17.03. Notice so “delivered” shall be deemed to include any notice to be “mailed” or “given,” as applicable, under this Indenture.
Delivered or “Delivery” means the taking of the following steps:
Delivered or “Delivery” means the transfer from Seller to Buyer of the specified amount of the Product, as specified pursuant to a Transaction, including, as specified or required by the Applicable Program, recognition by the Administrator and Certification Authority of the transfer to Buyer, or Seller’s delivery to Buyer of a Transfer Certificate. Delivery of Product can be independent of delivery of the electricity with which the Product is associated.

Examples of Delivered in a sentence

  • Tesla will sell the goods under Delivered at Place (DAP) Incoterm, applying 0% VAT (export).

  • Parts Repaired are at the risk of the Customer until received by AP&S Delivered Duty Paid (Incoterms 2010) the AP&S Facility.

  • As a result we have: • Delivered Sector Work Academies that have enabled students to move swiftly into work.

  • Note that for the GMAT exam delivered online, you will be asked to agree to the GMAT™ Test Taker Rules & Agreement for the GMAT™ Exam Delivered Online when you register for the exam, and you will not be presented with the GMAT™ Test Taker Rules & Agreement for the GMAT™ Exam Delivered Online again during test administration.

  • E-mail Address to Which Tax Bills are to be Delivered: Electronic Tax Bills are to be delivered as a .pdf file.

More Definitions of Delivered

Delivered when used with respect to Trust Account Property means when the relevant steps specified below are accomplished with respect to such Trust Account Property:
Delivered means sent by electronic means to the student's official university email address and, in addition, provided by any of the following methods:
Delivered or “Delivery” (whether to the Collateral Agent or otherwise) means, with respect to any Portfolio Investment of any Obligor or other Collateral, that such Portfolio Investment or other Collateral is held, registered or covered by a recorded UCC-1 financing statement as described below, in each case in a manner reasonably satisfactory to the Collateral Agent:
Delivered shall be interpreted accordingly;
Delivered shall have corollary meanings. Depositor: Carvana Receivables Depositor LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, and its successors and assigns.
Delivered means Energy (active, reactive, or apparent) that flows from the CAISO Controlled Grid to an End-User.
Delivered or “Delivery” means the transfer from Seller to Buyer of the Product by Seller to Buyer’s PJM-EIS GATS or M-RETS account via the established Standing Order.