Initial Consultation definition

Initial Consultation means your first appointment with a consultant to assess the treatment you may require;
Initial Consultation means your initial Appointment with us for the provision of certain Advice;
Initial Consultation means the first substantive discussion between Xxxxxx and Member of a particular matter. It includes more than telling Member whether Xxxxxx will handle the matter and at what fee. It may include legal advice and will usually involve some analysis and explanation of issues, facts, law, documents and alternative courses of action.

Examples of Initial Consultation in a sentence

  • Following receipt of a written invention disclosure, the Provost will promptly consult (the "Initial Consultation") with the Creator in considering all aspects of the Invention, including but not limited to issues of ownership, intellectual Property protection for the Invention, and the licensing and commercialization potential of the Invention.

  • Initial Consultation Subrecipient’s must conduct an initial evaluation to determine the eligibility of each individual or family’s eligibility for ESG assistance and the amount and types of assistance the individual or family needs to regain stability in permanent housing.

  • It is anticipated that in most cases a swift and amicable determination will be reached between the Creator and the College at or following the Initial Consultation.

  • Except where limited by external sponsorship agreements, the Creator and the College may negotiate individual agreements to govern ownership of Intellectual Property at the time of the Initial Consultation.

  • Initial Consultation & Eligibility Determination:The household must receive an initial consultation and eligibility assessment to determine income and housing status eligibility and the appropriate type of assistance needed to regain stability in permanent housing.2. Assistance in obtaining mainstream and other resources:The household must receive appropriate supportive services and referrals essential to achieving independent living through other federal, state, local, and private assistance.

  • Subject to termination of the contract in accordance with clause 6, once you have confirmed your Booking for an Initial Consultation or Treatment Plan Consultation then the cancellation terms in the Price Guide will apply.

  • General Timeline:Whether you want just a basic Will, or a more complicated estate or asset protection plan is needed, our timeline for the preparation and completion of your personalized plan will most likely follow the format below:▪ Initial Consultation: Review and discuss estate planning questionnaire, as well as discuss the appropriate documents to meet your estate plan goals.

  • During the Initial Consultation, if the risk is identified as High or Very High based on known information at time of the initial consultation, the CPI and CPI Supervisor should consider the option of consulting a Subject Matter Expert or other support resources available.

  • Thus, the Initial Consultation correctly observed that “even when viewed in the aggregate, no mutual fund liquidations led to a systemic market impact” for the period 2000-2012.”70Key features of regulated fund structure and regulation, as well as fund industry competitive and marketplace dynamics, all serve to facilitate these orderly exits.

  • The Initial Consultation correctly recognized the high level of substitutability of investment funds and therefore concluded that funds would not transmit risk to other market participants through the so-called “critical function or services/substitutability channel.” The FSB has reversed course in the Second Consultation, in a manner that is contrary to the comment record and does not appear to have any empirical basis.

More Definitions of Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation means a review of your Request for Services, including an initial discussion about the scope of the Services provided free of charge by Visual Star which forms the basis of a Quote.
Initial Consultation means the first consultation with an Eligible Person in any 12-month period and where the Registered Medical Practitioner
Initial Consultation means the first Physiotherapy consultation for a covered Personal Injury.

Related to Initial Consultation

  • Consulting Engineer /"Consultant" shall mean any firm or person duly appointed as such from time to time by the owner.

  • Contractor’s Representative means the individual authorised to act on behalf of the Contractor for the purposes of the Contract. The initial Contractor’s representative is as indicated in the Form of Agreement.

  • Project Engineer means the surveyor or engineer employed by or private

  • Architect/Engineer or “A/E” means the Person identified in the Agreement responsible for providing professional design services and construction contract administration for the Project. The A/E shall be (1) a registered architect holding a license and certificate of authorization issued by the Ohio Architects Board pursuant to ORC Chapter 4703, (2) a landscape architect holding a license and certificate of authorization issued by the Ohio Landscape Architects Board pursuant to ORC Chapter 4703, or (3) a professional engineer or professional surveyor holding a license and certificate of authorization issued by the Ohio Engineers and Surveyors Board pursuant to ORC Chapter 4733. As used in the Agreement, the term A/E may include a criteria architect or engineer for a Design-Build project.