Standing Live Tree Carbon Stocks definition

Standing Live Tree Carbon Stocks means the carbon in standing live trees. Live trees include the stem, branches, and roots, regardless of species, with a minimum diameter at breast height of five inches and a minimum height of 15 feet.

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Submerged fill pipe means any fill pipe with the discharge opening entirely submerged when the liquid level is six inches above the bottom of the tank; or when applied to a tank which is loaded from the side, shall mean any fill pipe with the discharge opening entirely submerged when the liquid level is eighteen inches above the bottom of the tank.
Active treatment means the implementation of an individualized care plan developed under and supervised by a physician and other qualified mental health professionals that prescribes specific therapies and activities.
Carbon regeneration unit means any enclosed thermal treatment device used to regenerate spent activated carbon.
Qualified Census Tract means any Census tract which is designated by the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development as having 50 percent or more of the households at an income level which is less than 60 percent of the Area Gross Median Income in accordance with Section 42(d)(5) of the Code.
Wastewater treatment unit means a device which:
Heavy-duty hand cleaner or soap means a product designed to clean or remove difficult dirt and soils such as oil, grease, grime, tar, shellac, putty, printer's ink, paint, graphite, cement, carbon, asphalt, or adhesives from the hand with or without the use of water. Heavy-duty hand cleaner or soap does not include prescription drug products, antimicrobial hand or body cleaner or soap, astringent or toner, facial cleaner or soap, general-use hand or body cleaner or soap, medicated astringent or medicated toner, or rubbing alcohol.
Distilled spirits or "spirits" means any product capable of being consumed by a human being which contains alcohol in excess of the amount permitted by KRS Chapter 242 obtained by distilling, mixed with water or other substances in solution, except wine, hard cider, and malt beverages;
Pump spray means a packaging system in which the product ingredients within the container are not under pressure and in which the product is expelled only while a pumping action is applied to a button, trigger or other actuator.
Land application unit means an area where wastes are applied onto or incorporated into the soil surface (excluding manure spreading operations) for treatment or disposal.
National Ambient Air Quality Standards or “NAAQS” means national ambient air quality standards that are promulgated pursuant to Section 109 of the Act, 42 U.S.C. § 7409.
Public water supply system means a system for the provision to the public of piped water for human consumption, if the system has at least fifteen service connections or regularly serves at least twenty-five individuals. The term includes any source of water and any collection, treatment, storage, and distribution facilities under control of the operator of the system and used primarily in connection with the system, and any collection or pretreatment storage facilities not under such control which are used primarily in connection with the system.
Local Interconnection Trunks/Trunk Groups means the trunks that are used for the termination of Local Exchange Traffic, pursuant to iconectiv Technical Reference GR 317-CORE.
Crude oil tanker means an oil tanker engaged in the trade of carrying crude oil.
chemical tanker means a ship constructed or adapted and used for the carriage in bulk of any liquid product listed in chapter 17 of the International Bulk Chemical Code;
Bulk gasoline terminal means a gasoline storage facility which receives gasoline from its supply source primarily by pipeline, ship, or barge, and delivers gasoline to bulk gasoline plants or to commercial or retail accounts primarily by tank truck; and has an average daily throughput of more than 76,000 liters (20,000 gallons) of gasoline.
Spending unit means the department, bureau, division, office, board, commission, agency or institution to which an appropriation is made.
Generating Unit means one or more generating equipment combinations typically consisting of prime mover(s), electric generator(s), electric transformer(s), steam generator(s) and air emission control devices.
commercial air transport means any aircraft operation involving the transport of passengers, cargo or mail for remuneration or hire;
Manufactured dwelling park means a place where four or more manufactured dwellings are located, the primary purpose of which is to rent space or keep space for rent to any person for a charge or fee.
Qualified ground water scientist means a scientist or engineer who has received a baccalaureate or post-graduate degree in the natural sciences or engineering, and has sufficient training and experience in ground-water hydrology and related fields as may be demonstrated by state registration, professional certifications, or completion of accredited university courses that enable that individual to make sound professional judgements regarding ground-water monitoring and contaminant fate and transport.
Generation Unit means a facility that converts a fuel or an energy resource into electrical energy.
High global warming potential hydrofluorocarbons means any hydrofluorocarbons in a particular end use for which EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program has identified other acceptable alternatives that have lower global warming potential. The SNAP list of alternatives is found at 40 CFR Part 82 subpart G with supplemental tables of alternatives available at (
Chemical Storage Facility means a building, portion of a building, or exterior area adjacent to a building used for the storage of any chemical or chemically reactive products.
Integrated Digital Loop Carrier means a subscriber loop carrier system that is twenty-four (24) local Loop transmission paths combined into a 1.544 Mbps digital signal which integrates within the switch at a DS1 level.
Rooming unit means any room or group of rooms forming a single habitable unit used or intended to be used for living and sleeping, but not for cooking or eating purposes.
Ambient air quality standard means an established concentration, exposure time, and frequency of occurrence of air contaminant(s) in the ambient air which shall not be exceeded.