(iii) the term definition

(iii) the term  covered period’ means
(iii) the term  covered period’ means the period beginning on February 15, 2020 and ending on June 30, 2020;
(iii) the term  lifetime income feature’ means—

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(iii) the term  pharmacist’ means a per- son licensed by a State to practice phar- macy, including the dispensing and selling of prescription drugs.
(iii) the term  registration condition’ means a condition that must exist for a reg- istration under subsection (b) to be ap- proved.
(iii) the term  significant increase’ means—
(iii) the term  other specified entity’ means—
(iii) the term  qualified hospice program’ means a hospice program that—
(iii) the term  critically sealed seams’ means—
(iii) the term  local feedstock requirement’ means the minimum percent, by volume, of local feedstock that must be included in dehydrated alco- hol and mixtures.