Copy definition

Copy. , whether or not capitalized, means any paper, disk, tape, film, memory device, or other material or object on or in which any words, object code, source code or other symbols are written, recorded or encoded, whether permanent or transitory.
Copy means copy by any means including photocopy, NCR, facsimile and electronic.
Copy or "copies" means that the copy or copies of the material to which it relates are true, correct and complete.

Examples of Copy in a sentence

Copy the DBE Office on all correspondence related to changing a DBE subcontractor who has been approved for DBE credit on a contract, including preparation and coordination efforts.

Copy the DBE Office on all correspondence related to changing a DBE firm who has been approved for DBE credit on a contract including the preparation and coordination efforts with the DBE on the contract.

Download Official Copy of Tender Documents from the above portal.

Letter from owner of site confirming that he/she is willing to allow a demountable unit to be placed on the land.2. Copy of site map.

Copy of the “Guidelines on Indian Agents of Foreign Suppliers” is annexed and marked as Annexure.

More Definitions of Copy

Copy. , in relation to a document, means anything onto which information recorded in the document has been copied, by whatever means and whether directly or indirectly;
Copy means an accurate reproduction, however made. Whenever necessary and feasible, a copy may be made by handwriting.
Copy means a reproduction of a work, and, in the case of a literary, musical or artistic work, a cinematograph film or a computer program, also an adaptation thereof, but an object shall not be taken to be a copy of a work of architecture unless the object is a building or a model of a building;
Copy means the graphic content of a sign surface in either permanent or removable letter, pictographic, symbolic, or alphabetic form.
Copy means the medium on which information is fixed on a temporary or permanent basis and from which it can be perceived, reproduced, used, or communicated, either directly or with the aid of a machine or device.
Copy means a reproduction of work in any manner or form and includes any sound or visual recording of a work and any permanent or transient storage of a work in any medium, by computer technology or any other electronic means;
Copy means any facsimile, replica, photograph or other reproduction of an article, and any note, drawing or sketch made of or from an article [415 ILCS 5/7.1].