Records officer definition

Records officer means the individual appointed by the chief

Examples of Records officer in a sentence

  • A designated CA Special Customer Records Officer telephones the relevant Benefit Centre (BC) to ask for details of the allocated Special Customer Records officer, or appropriate named contact for receipt of the secure information.

  • Relationship certificate issued from respective Records office only duly signed by Records Officer with Personal number, Rank, Name and particulars of the Records officer issuing the Relation certificate with office seal / stamp is endorsed.

  • Records officer and records representatives.(1) The Manager shall appoint a records officer to oversee and coordinate records access and management.

  • Records OfficerA7.1 If possible the Directors shall appoint a Records officer to build an archive of information and maintain it up to date.A8.

  • Functions of the Open Records Officer: The Open Records officer shall receive requests submitted to 21CCCS under the Right-to-Know Law, direct requests to other appropriate persons in accordance with the Right-to-Know Law, track 21CCCS’s progress in responding to requests and issue interim and final responses under the Right-to-Know Law and this Policy.

More Definitions of Records officer

Records officer means the individual responsible to fulfill Section 63G-2-103(25) of the GRAMA.
Records officer means the person appointed as the records officer by the Tooele County