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  • Any Such Comments or Questions Will be Handled by the Appropriate Persons.

  • Forms are available for download from the GPW public web page: http://www.gpwonline.co.za IMPORTANT NOTICE:tHe Government PrintinG worKs will not Be Held resPonsiBle For anY errors tHat miGHt oCCur due to tHe suBmission oF inComPlete / inCorreCt / illeGiBle CoPY.no Future Queries will Be Handled in ConneCtion witH tHe aBove.

  • Rates do not include calling card calls, information type calls to Time and Weather, 555, 700, 900, 976 Services, Directory Assistance or any other type of Operator Handled call.

  • Any Such Comments or Questions will be Handled by the Appropriate Persons.

  • Handled Arbitration cases in respect of any Highway project.(e) Not more than 65 years of age.

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Handled or “Handling” means generated, produced, brought upon, used, handled, stored, treated or disposed of.
Handled means the production, use, generation, storage, treatment, recycling, disposal, discharge, release, processing, distribution, transport or other handling or disposition of any kind. The term "Environmental Laws" means all federal, state, local or foreign statutes, ordinances, regulations, rules, judgments, orders, notice requirements, court decisions, or agency guidelines, as they may be hereinafter amended from time to time, that (a) regulate or relate to the protection, investigation, remediation or clean-up of the environment, the use, generation, treatment, storage, transportation, disposal, or other handling of any Hazardous Material, the preservation or protection of waterways, groundwater, drinking water, air, wildlife, plants or other natural resource, or the health and safety of persons or property (including without limitation occupational safety and health), or (b) impose or create liability or responsibility with respect to any of the foregoing. The term "Environmental Condition" means any occurrence, fact or other condition at any location in, on, about or beneath any property owned, leased, operated or otherwise occupied by the Seller, including any previously owned, leased or occupied property, resulting from, relating to or arising out of the presence, emission, exposure, migration, dispersal or threatened release, spill, leak, escape into the environment, or Handling of any Hazardous Material. The term "Hazardous Material" means any substance that is regulated by or forms the basis for liability under any applicable Environmental Laws.
Handled or "HANDLING" shall mean any installation, handling, generation, storing, treatment, use, disposal, discharge, release, manufacture, refinement, presence, migration, emission, abatement, removal, transportation, or any other activity of any type in connection with or involving Hazardous Materials by Tenant or its officers, employees, contractors, assignees, sublessees, agents or invitees. The word "contractors" which is contained in the preceding sentence shall not include any contractor which installs the Tenant Improvements or improvements constructed for the Expansion Space (as defined below).
Handled means any manner of generating, accumulating, storing, treating, disposing of, transporting, transferring, labeling, handling, manufacturing or using, as any of such terms may further be defined in any Environmental Law, of any Hazardous Substances or Waste.
Handled means to have done any of the foregoing.
Handled as described in Tier 1 Criteria. - “Major Customers” as described under “Large Customers” in Tier 1 Criteria.  Complexity of operation, for example, limited yard space or plenty of coordination to be taken into consideration. - Locations where Traffic Coordinators are required to perform duties such as: participate in daily conference calls and implement daily operating plans; monitor and manage crew requirements; excessive data entry.  Activity less than Tier 2. May have a high number of Trains but not much work performed. - Only a few crews and customers to address/handle on a regular basis. - Would include smaller terminals (Regina, Calgary) or off shifts at larger terminals when not required to switch large customers and have fewer crews. Yours truly, We concur, (Sgd) Myron W. Becker (Sgd) John W. Armstrong Director Vice President Labour Relations - North America (Sgd) Raymond LeBel General Chairperson