Governance definition

Governance means rules, processes and be- havior that affect the way in which powers are exercised. The termterritorial governance” may be used to denominate the political concern to coordinate policies, programs and projects in re- lation to a specific territorial development.

Examples of Governance in a sentence

  • Our examination was limited to procedures and implementation thereof, adopted by the Company for ensuring the compliance of the conditions of the Corporate Governance.

  • The corporate governance statement must disclose the extent to which the entity has followed the recommendations set by the ASX Corporate Governance Council during the reporting period.

  • Contract Governance Any contract made or entered into by the TIPS is subject to and is to be governed by Section 271.151 et seq, Tex Loc Gov't Code.

  • The review process included feedback from the Provost, the Academic Affairs Leadership Team, and the Governance and Curriculum Committees of Faculty Senate.

  • The compliance of conditions of Corporate Governance is the responsibility of the Management.

More Definitions of Governance

Governance. A five member Board of Directors or similar governing body (the "Board"). For as long as the Purchaser and its affiliates hold a majority of the Common Equity, the Purchaser will be entitled to appoint three members of the Board (the "Purchaser Representatives"). For as long as THCR Holdings and its affiliates hold at least 20% of the Common Equity, THCR shall be entitled to appoint two members of the Board (the "THCR Representatives"). Board decisions will be by majority vote, except that (i) the approval of the THCR Representatives will be required for the Specified Actions (as defined below), (ii) Trump will be entitled to control the day-to-day operational management of the Casino-Hotel on terms to be set forth in the Stockholders Agreement or a management or similar agreement (and that will be sufficient so as to not trigger a "Change in Control" under the terms of the Castle Indentures) and (iii) subject to the terms of the Definitive Agreements, the THCR Representatives will have the authority to cause the Issuer to redeem the Series A Preferred and Series B Preferred and to obtain any related financing. Donald J. Trump will be appointed the Chairman of the Issuer and Nicholas L. Ribis will be appointed the Chief Executive Officer of the Issuer.
Governance. Governing” and “Governed” have meanings correlative thereto.
Governance means the system of rules, relationships and practices by which authority and control are exercised within organisations. ‘Governance’ as a concept is not restricted to commercial entities. It encompasses the systems, structure and policies that control the way in which any institution operates, and the mechanisms by which the institution, and its people, can be held to account.
Governance means the exercising of democratic control by the membership of the PSA over the strategic direction and
Governance means the manner of ensuring that the highest standards and the appropriate protocols of behaviour are adopted and observed by developers, deployers and users, based on a formal set of rules, procedures and values, and which allows them to deal appropriately with ethical matters as or before they arise.
Governance means the functions and
Governance he means not only the formal and explicit mechanisms usually calledgovernment’ but the informal and implicit mechanisms which sustain institutions and