Good Reason Termination definition

Good Reason Termination means a termination of employment or service initiated by the Participant upon or after a Change of Control upon one or more of the following events:
Good Reason Termination means a Termination of Employment initiated by the Employee upon one or more of the following occurrences:
Good Reason Termination means Executive terminates his employment under this Agreement forgood reason” upon 30 days’ notice to Constellation given within 90 days following the occurrence of any of the following events without his consent, each of which shall constitute a “good reason” for such termination; provided that the following events shall not constitute “good reason” if the event is remedied by Constellation within 30 days after receipt of notice given by Executive to Constellation specifying the event:

Examples of Good Reason Termination in a sentence

  • Within 30 days after notice has been provided, the Company shall have the opportunity, but shall have no obligation, to cure such events or conditions that give rise to the Good Reason Termination.

  • If the Company does not cure such events or conditions within the 30-day period, the Participant may terminate employment or service with the Company based on Good Reason Termination within 30 days after the expiration of the cure period.

  • The conditions that qualify for Good Reason Termination shall be those conditions provided in the definition of Good Reason Termination under the written Company severance plan that applies to Participant, unless Participant has a standalone employment agreement with Company and such employment agreement includes such definition (or a definition of “Good Reason”), in which case the definition in the employment agreement shall apply.

  • During the 30 days following receipt of the notice, Company may remedy the event, occurrence or condition for which notice was given, in which case a Good Reason Termination will not occur as a result of the condition.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the Participant’s employment or service terminates on account of a Termination without Cause or a Good Reason Termination upon or within two years after a Change of Control, the Option will be fully and immediately exercisable.

More Definitions of Good Reason Termination

Good Reason Termination means, if you are a participant in the NCR Change in Control Severance Plan, or an NCR policy or similar arrangement or individual agreement that defines “Good Reason” in the context of a resignation following a Change in Control, your Termination of Employment for Good Reason as so defined within twenty-four (24) months following a Change in Control.
Good Reason Termination means Employee’s termination of Employee’s employment under this Agreement for any of the following reasons:
Good Reason Termination means a Termination of Employment initiated by Employee following a Change in Control and the occurrence of one or more of the following events:
Good Reason Termination means a termination by the Employee of Employee’s employment hereunder pursuant to this Section 6(e).
Good Reason Termination means Executive's terminating employment with Company following the occurrence of an event constituting Good Reason, but only if:
Good Reason Termination means a termination of employment by the Employee with “Good Reason,” as such term is defined in the written employment agreement between the Company and the Employee (as in effect on the date hereof), where the Employee provides notice of the Good Reason event within 90 days of its occurrence and provides the Company at least 30 days to cure such matter.
Good Reason Termination means, except as otherwise provided in the last paragraph of this subsection (h), a Termination of Employment as a result of one or more of the following events, without the Executive’s written consent to the event: