general purpose definition

general purpose means a purpose —
general purpose means a purpose described in the estimates in general terms being a purpose of a kind that is likely to require expenditure from 2 or more appropriation items to meet that purpose in a financial year. (2) Where a sum is appropriated in an Appropriation Act for a financial year by way of a central appropriation for a general purpose the Treasurer may authorise and direct the transfer of a portion of the sum so appropriated to another appropriation item but only for the purpose of meeting all or part of the actual or estimated expenditure that accords with both the general purpose and the purpose of the item to which the transfer is made. (3) Where, under subsection (2), portion of a sum is transferred from a central appropriation to another appropriation item, expenditure against that portion shall be regarded and treated as expenditure under that item and be recorded and reported under this Act accordingly. [Section 25A inserted by No. 92 of 1990 s. 12.] 26. Payment within 10 days after financial year ends If an account in respect of services of a financial year is presented for payment at the Treasury within 10 days after the end of that year, payment of that account may, with the approval of the Treasurer, be made from money —
general purpose means a purpose described in the estimates in general terms being a purpose of a kind that is likely to require expenditure from 2 or more appropriation items to meet that purpose in a financial year.

Examples of general purpose in a sentence

  • The population figures for General Purpose Governments shall be the published U.S. Census Bureau’s population estimates for July 1, 2019, released May 2020.

  • Laminated plastic shall be high pressure plastic laminate complying with NEMA Standards Specifications for General Purpose Grade (HGS/Grade-10 .050”) with selection from solid colors or wood grains.

  • Such a Primary Subdivision shall be treated as a General Purpose Government under Section XII.A.3.

  • HD content is expressly prohibited from being delivered to and playable on General Purpose Computer Platforms (e.g. PCs, Tablets, Mobile Phones) unless explicitly approved by Licensor.

  • Where the relevant county, parish or highest-level General Purpose Government is not a Participating Subdivision, allocations of General Purpose Subdivisions not listed below as eligible to become Participating Subdivisions shall be allocated pursuant to subsection VII.I. The redirecting of funds described in this paragraph is intended to promote the efficient use of Opioid Remediation funds while keeping, where possible, local control of the distribution of those funds.

  • Standard: If the moneys provided is in excess of $1 M (GST exclusive) then the Association must prepare its Financial Statements in the nature of General Purpose Financial Statements.

  • If an HDCP connection cannot be established, as required by section “Digital Outputs” above, the playback of Current Films over an output on a General Purpose Computing Platform (either digital or analogue) must be limited to a resolution no greater than Standard Definition (SD).

  • High-Definition Restrictions & Requirements In addition to the foregoing requirements, all HD content (and all Stereoscopic 3D content) is subject to the following set of restrictions & requirements: General Purpose Computer Platforms.

  • Implementation of Content Protection Systems on General Purpose Computer Platforms shall, in all cases, use state of the art obfuscation mechanisms for the security sensitive parts of the software implementing the Content Protection System.

  • The population figures for General- Purpose Governments shall be the published U.S. Census Bureau’s population estimates for July 1, 2019, released May 2020.

More Definitions of general purpose

general purpose means the term applied by the National Measurement Institute constituted under Part 3 of the National Measurement Act to refer to the classification of a meter.
general purpose means standby power applications such as gate motors, garage door motors, UPS, etc. where the battery is kept fully charged in standby mode and infrequently used to supplement power or provide power during a power outage and where the battery is fully recharged again after use.
general purpose has the meaning given to it in the Constitutional Instruments;
general purpose take advantage of the advanced deep processing technology, produce walnut product and sell 100 million RMB each year, benefit the Party A and Party B, and the whole society.
general purpose means the term applied by the National Standards Commission to refer to the classification of a meter;

Related to general purpose

  • Commercial purpose per MCA 77-1-902(3)(a) means an industrial enterprise, retail sales outlet, business and professional office building, warehouse, motel, hotel, hospitality enterprise, commercial or concentrated recreational use, multifamily residential development, and other similar business.

  • Agricultural purpose means a purpose related to the production, harvest, exhibition, marketing, transportation, processing, or manufacture of agricultural products by a natural person who cultivates, plants, propagates or nurtures the agricultural products. "Agricultural products" includes agricultural, horticultural, viticultural, and dairy products, livestock, wildlife, poultry, bees, forest products, fish and shellfish, and any products thereof, including processed and manufactured products, and any and all products raised or produced on farms and any processed or manufactured products thereof.

  • General purpose equipment means equipment, which is not limited to research, medical, scientific or other technical activities. Examples include office equipment and furnishings, modular offices, telephone networks, information technology equipment and systems, air conditioning equipment, reproduction and printing equipment, and motor vehicles.

  • General purpose cleaner means a product designed for general all-purpose cleaning, in contrast to cleaning products designed to clean specific substrates in certain situations. “General Purpose Cleaner” includes products designed for general floor cleaning, kitchen or countertop cleaning, and cleaners designed to be used on a variety of hard surfaces.

  • Commercial Purposes means any commercial or profit generating purpose including the sale, lease of other transfer of the Material and includes uses of the Material by any organisation, including Recipient, to perform contract research, to produce or manufacture products for general sale, or to conduct research activities that result in any sale, lease, license, or transfer of the Material.

  • Educational purpose means classroom activities, research in academic subjects, career or professional development activities, Green Dot approved personal research activities, or other purposes as defined by the School from time to time.

  • Residential purposes means use for dwelling or recreational purposes, or both.

  • General-Purpose Software means Software that supports general-purpose office and software development activities and is identified as such in Appendix 4 of the Contract Agreement and such other Software as the parties may agree in writing to be General-Purpose Software. Such General- Purpose Software may include, but is not restricted to, word processing, spreadsheet, generic database management, and application development software.

  • General purpose adhesive means any non-aerosol adhesive designed for use on a variety of substrates. “General Purpose Adhesive” does not include (i) contact adhesives, (ii) construction, panel, and floor covering adhesives, (iii) adhesives designed exclusively for application on one specific category of substrates (i.e., substrates that are composed of similar materials, such as different types of metals, paper products, ceramics, plastics, rubbers, or vinyls), or (iv) adhesives designed exclusively for use on one specific category of articles (i.e., articles that may be composed of different materials but perform a specific function, such as gaskets, automotive trim, weather-stripping, or carpets).

  • General purpose degreaser means a product designed to remove or dissolve grease, grime, oil and other oil-based contaminants from a variety of substrates, including automotive or miscellaneous metallic parts. General purpose degreaser does not include engine degreaser, general purpose cleaner, adhesive remover, electronic cleaner, metal polish or cleanser, products used exclusively in solvent cleaning tanks or related equipment, or products that are (i) sold exclusively to establishments which manufacture or construct goods or commodities; and (ii) labeled "not for retail sale." Solvent cleaning tanks or related equipment includes, but is not limited to, cold cleaners, vapor degreasers, conveyorized degreasers, film cleaning machines, or products designed to clean miscellaneous metallic parts by immersion in a container.

  • Primary Purpose means the collection, use, or disclosure of information collected by the Cooperative or supplied by the Member-consumer where there is an authorized business need or emergency response in order to: (1) provide, bill, or collect for, regulated electric or natural gas service; (2) provide for system, grid, or operational needs; (3) provide services as required by state or federal law or as specifically authorized in the Cooperative’s approved tariff or; (4) engage in customer satisfaction surveys, plan, implement, or evaluate, energy assistance, demand response, energy management, renewable energy or energy efficiency programs by the Cooperative or under contract with the Cooperative, under contract with the Commission, or as part of a Commission- authorized program conducted by an entity under the supervision of the Commission, or pursuant to state or federal statutes governing energy assistance.

  • Agricultural purposes ’ means purposes normally or otherwise reasonably associated with the use of land for agricultural activities, including the use of land for structures, buildings and dwelling units reasonably necessary for or related to

  • public purpose means any of the purposes for which land may be reserved under Part 4 of the Land Administration Act 1997, and any purpose declared by the Governor pursuant to that Act, by notification in the Government Gazette to be a public purpose within the meaning of that Act;

  • Educational Purposes means use for the purpose of education, teaching, distance learning, private study and/or research.

  • Special purpose district means an area with special boundaries created as authorized by law for

  • Secondary Purpose means any purpose that is not a Primary Purpose.

  • Internal Purposes means distribution of packages to Licensee’s own systems and employees.

  • School purposes means purposes that customarily take place at the direction of a teacher or the Board, or aid in the administration of school activities, including but not limited to instruction in the classroom, administrative activities and collaboration among students, school personnel or parents or legal guardians of students.

  • Noncommercial purposes with respect to motor fuel means not for resale.

  • Special purpose equipment means equipment which is used only for research, medical, scientific, or other technical activities. Examples of special purpose equipment include microscopes, x-ray machines, surgical instruments, and spectrometers.

  • Agreed Purpose has the meaning given to it in clause 2 of this Agreement.

  • Political purpose means any activity undertaken in support of or in opposition to the

  • intended purpose means the purpose for which the Technical Information is provided to the Supplier under or in connection with a Contract.

  • Business Purpose means the use of personal information for the business’s or a service provider’s operational purposes, or other notified purposes, provided that the use of personal information shall be reasonably necessary and proportionate to achieve the operational purpose for which the personal information was collected or processed or for another operational purpose that is compatible with the context in which the personal information was collected. Business purposes are:

  • General purpose adhesive remover means a product designed or labeled to remove cyanoacrylate adhesives as well as nonreactive adhesives or residue from a variety of substrates. “General Purpose Adhesive Remover” includes, but is not limited to, products that remove thermoplastic adhesives; pressure sensitive adhesives; dextrine or starch-based adhesives; casein glues; rubber or latex-based adhesives; as well as products that remove stickers; decals; stencils; or similar materials. “General Purpose Adhesive Remover” does not include “Floor or Wall Covering Adhesive Remover.”

  • Approved Purpose means the activity or purpose for which the Hirer wishes to use the Venue (and for which the Shire has had an opportunity to assess and approve)