Appropriation Act definition

Appropriation Act means an Act of Parliament or of a county assembly that provides for the provision of money to pay for the supply of services;
Appropriation Act means an Act appropriating the Consolidated Account for a financial year for the recurrent services and other purposes for the year, or for the capital purposes for the year, as expressed in the Act;

Examples of Appropriation Act in a sentence

  • The Minister of Finance, within 30 days of the enactment of the Appropriation Act, is to prepare and publish a Budget Disbursement Schedule derived from the Annual Cash Plan for the purpose of implementing the Appropriation Act11.

  • Issue dealt with include late presentation of the budget, confusing signals in the budget approval process and highlights of the Appropriation Act.

  • Figure 1: Expenditure Composition of the 2012 Appropriation ActSource: CSJ Analysis; Data Extracted From the 2012 Appropriation Act (BOF and FMF) Figure 1 shows that 50% of the total expenditure is geared toward the financing of recurrent (non-debt) expenditure, against the 54% in the 2011 Budget Act.

More Definitions of Appropriation Act

Appropriation Act means the Act passed in accordance with Article 156 of the Constitution, which authorises expenditure of public money for a financial year;
Appropriation Act means an Act to apply a sum out of the Consolidated Fund to the service of a financial year;
Appropriation Act means any enactment authorising the issue of moneys from the Consolidated Fund to meet expenditure of the Government, and includes a provision of any enactment or of the Constitution which charges expenditure on that Fund;
Appropriation Act means an Act that authorises amounts to be issued from the public accounts and applied for services in a financial year.
Appropriation Act means any Act which authorises the application of a sum out of the Consolidated Fund to the service of a financial year and includes a Supplementary Appropriation Act;
Appropriation Act means any Act appropriating revenue in relation to a financial year for such services as are specified in such Act;