Forklift definition

Forklift means nonroad equipment used to lift and move materials short distances; generally includes tines to lift objects. Eligible types of forklifts include reach stackers, side loaders, and top loaders.
Forklift means an off-road industrial truck used to hoist and transport materials by means of steel fork(s) under the load.
Forklift means an electric motor powered Class 1 or 2 rider truck or a large spark-ignition engine-powered Class 4 or 5 rider truck as defined by the Industrial Truck Association. Electric Class 3 trucks are not forklifts for the purposes of this regulation.

Examples of Forklift in a sentence

  • Weekend / Holidays +50% of the rate ItemDescription1.Rate €2.Overtime3.Weekend / Holidays16.12.5tn Forklift per hour NOTE: Subject to DPWL approval, royalties will be applicable when using vessel gear for loading/discharging of stores, spares.

More Definitions of Forklift

Forklift means a high-lift, self-loading mobile vehicle, equipped with load carriage and forks, for transporting and tiering loads.
Forklift means off-road equipment used to lift and move materials short distances and generally includes tines to lift objects. For the purpose of this solicitation, eligible types of forklifts have greater than 8,000- pound lift capacity. Examples include reach stackers, side loaders, and top loaders with greater than 8,000 pounds lift capacity. Forklift projects do not need to be located at a port or airport.
Forklift means a self-propelled machine that has a power operated upright, angled or telescopic lifting device that can raise and lower a load for the purpose of transporting or stacking; (chariot élévateur)
Forklift means a powered industrial vehicle that employs horizontal prongs that can be raised and lowered for loading, transporting and unloading goods.
Forklift means a self-propelled industrial truck whose primary purpose is to lift, transport, and stack heavy loads. A forklift consists of a chassis with three or more wheels, an area for the forklift operator to ride, and the following components in front of the operator: a lift cylinder and a vertical or angled mast, to which a carriage is mounted. In order for the forklift to lift loads, the carriage generally has attachments. The most typical configuration is for two forks and a load backrest to be attached to the carriage, but specialized attachments also exist to serve other purposes.
Forklift upgrades (major release to major release) will be subject to additional support fees if minor upgrades, updates, and/or fixes have not been adopted. Training, and customized form, report and interface development has been included in the Annual Fee for Agency City/County. The value of a service category description can be used towards another category in that year’s allotment, as long as the total cost does not exceed the allowable amount as show (with the different hourly cost/value).
Forklift means a vehicle propelled by mechanical means that is designed to lift and move goods and produce;