semi-trailer definition

semi-trailer means any trailer designed to be coupled to a motor vehicle in such a way that part of it rests on the motor vehicle and that a substantial part of its mass and the mass of its load is borne by the motor vehicle;
semi-trailer means a trailer that has—
semi-trailer means a towed vehicle, in which the axle(s) is (are) positioned behind the centre of gravity of the vehicle (when uniformly loaded), and which is equipped with a connecting device permitting horizontal and vertical forces to be transmitted to the towing vehicle.

More Definitions of semi-trailer

semi-trailer means the drawn component of an articulated vehicle, or a vehicle constructed or adapted for use as such drawn component.
semi-trailer means a trailer without motor power with a set or sets of wheels and/or axles at the rear only, designed to be supported by a truck, tractor, or towing vehicle.
semi-trailer means a vehicle of the trailer-type so designed and used in conjunction with a motor vehicle that some part of its own weight and that of its load rests upon or is carried by the motor vehicle.
semi-trailer means a Vehicle without motor power that is designed to be drawn by a Motor Vehicle and is constructed so that a part of its weight rests upon or is carried by a towing Vehicle.
semi-trailer means any vehicle which is so designed that when operated, the forward end of its body or chassis rests upon the body or chassis of the towing motor vehicle;
semi-trailer means a trailer (including a pole type trailer) that—
semi-trailer means a vehicle not mechanically propelled ( other tan a trailer ), which is intended to be connected to a motor vehicle and which is so constructed that a portion of it is super-imposed on, and a part of whose weight is borne by, that motor vehicle ;]