Flexible Space definition

Flexible Space means the marked and designated public areas adjacent to a sidewalk or curb used for public parking of vehicles and/or Tree Wells and extending into the traffic lane not more than two (2) feet beyond the marked edge of the parking stall, but excluding sidewalks, curbs, curb ramps, and pedestrian walkways.
Flexible Space means the portion of the street adjacent to a sidewalk or curb that is designated and used for public on-street parking of vehicles and/or Tree Wells.

Examples of Flexible Space in a sentence

  • Validity has a two part sensor approach (off-chip) that is similar to that utilised by IDEX.

  • Flexible Space Shared ServicesCommercial real estate developers normally find the balance of risk and return unattractive for spaces smaller than about 150 square metres (1500 square feet).

  • Internal plant is located on the second floor adjacent to the Council Chamber / Flexible Space.

  • No use of Flexible Space or Flexible space for displays, merchandise or dining can occur in a red zone, fire zone, or other emergency-designated restricted areas.

  • This will include significant consultation and project user group input from MAAS, and consultation with other Sydney Cultural Institutions with respect to use of a shared touring hall or other shared exhibition spaces (see market sounding activities below).Commercial Flexible Space Design Development - Following endorsement of the Heritage Building Spatial Strategy by Project Governance, detailed design activities with respect to the commercial portion of the facility shall be undertaken.

  • Failure to provide documentation to the City at least five days prior to use may result in the City prohibiting use of Flexible Space.d. During Street Closures, no person using Flexible Space shall encroach in any way into the street such that there is less than ten (10) feet clearance on both sides of the center line of the street emergency vehicle access.

  • Potter, "A Decentralized Minimum State Error Variance Controller for Large Flexible Space Structures," Proc.

  • Landscaping, protective grating, irrigation, or electrical power sources within Tree Wells shall not be removed, altered or damaged during use of Flexible Space.

  • No use of Flexible Space or flexible space for displays, merchandise or dining may impede or restrict storm drains or the flow of water to drains.

  • The privileges to use Flexible Space as set forth herein shall not interfere with or obstruct and shall be subservient and subject to any existing or future permit, license, lease, approval or entitlement granted in accordance with the Novato Municipal Code and/or duly authorized and approved agreement with the City, including but not limited to uses consistent with NMC 14-8, 15-3, 15-4, and 18-15.

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