Material Transaction definition

Material Transaction means any material transaction in which the Company or any of its subsidiaries proposes to engage or is engaged, including a material purchase or sale of assets or securities, financing, merger, consolidation, tender offer or any other material transaction that would require disclosure pursuant to the Exchange Act, and with respect to which the board of directors of the Company reasonably has determined in good faith that compliance with this Agreement may reasonably be expected to either materially interfere with the Company’s or such subsidiary’s ability to consummate such transaction in a timely fashion or require the Company to disclose material, non-public information prior to such time as it would otherwise be required to be disclosed.
Material Transaction means a transaction with a related party where any transaction to be entered into individually or taken together with previous transactions during a financial year, exceeds ten percent of the annual consolidated turnover of the company as per the last audited financial statements of the Company.
Material Transaction means any acquisition or disposition outside the ordinary course of business of any property or assets that (x) constitute assets comprising all or substantially all of an operating unit of a business or equity interests of a Person representing a majority of the ordinary voting power or economic interests in such Person that are represented by all its outstanding capital stock and (y) involves aggregate consideration in excess of $50,000,000.

Examples of Material Transaction in a sentence

  • The PWI should maintain a’ Material Transaction Register’ which should show details of all materials received from BHEL and used for the maintenance of the track.

  • The transaction is considered as a Connected Transaction as an asset transaction type, according to the Notification of the Capital Market Supervisory Board No. Tor Chor 20/2551 Re: Rules on Entering into Material Transaction Deemed as Acquisition or Disposal of Assets and the Notification of the Board of Governors of the Stock Exchange of Thailand Re: Disclosure of Information and Other Acts of Listed Companies Concerning the Acquisition and Disposition of Assets, 2004 (“Rules on Connected Transaction”).

  • The Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners of the Company state that the Transaction is a Material Transaction that does not require the approval of a GMS for its implementation as referred to in the Regulation.

More Definitions of Material Transaction

Material Transaction has the meaning assigned to such term in the definition ofConsolidated EBITDA.”
Material Transaction means a transaction (or series of connected transactions) which is within the Ordinary Course of Business and to which any of the following applies:
Material Transaction means any merger or acquisition (which is not a Change in Control Transaction) which is determined by the Board acting reasonably and in good faith to be a material merger or acquisition having a material impact on the ownership structure of the Group Companies;
Material Transaction means any sale, assignment, transfer, conveyance or other disposition of (a) assets of any member of the Consolidated Group or (b) capital stock of any member of the Consolidated Group which, when combined with all such other sales, assignments, transfers, conveyances or other dispositions in the immediately preceding twelve (12) Fiscal Months represents the disposition of an amount which is greater than ten percent (10.0%) of the Consolidated Group’s (1) assets or (2) revenues.
Material Transaction has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 3.3.
Material Transaction means any of the following:
Material Transaction shall have the meaning assigned in Section 4.1(c).