Farm definition

Farm means that term as defined in section 2 of the Michigan right to farm act, 1981 PA 93, MCL 286.472.
Farm means any lands primarily used for agriculture
Farm means land associated with the installation under the direct control of the operator and included in a slurry and manure management plan where such a plan is required.

Examples of Farm in a sentence

  • Installation of entrance gates, Garth Isaf Farm, Heol Ffrwd Philip, Efail Isaf, Pontypridd.

  • Milk collection will be put on hold until a traceback can be completed to identify the failure on Farm.

  • Any rural business investment companies as defined in Section 384A of the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act.

  • ACM encourages Suppliers to have a written emergency plan in place, that they can refer to in the event that the Farm is materially affected by fire, storm or flood.

  • It also makes good business sense to periodically check the Farm for hazards, risks and areas of vulnerability especially if it can be linked to a review of your emergency planning.

More Definitions of Farm

Farm means any lands primarily used for agriculture production.
Farm means a farming enterprise which is generally recognized as a farm rather than a rural residence.
Farm means a marine area clearly defined by geographical coordinates, used for the fattening or farming of bluefin tuna caught by traps and/or purse seiners. A farm could have several farming locations, all of them defined by geographical coordinates with a clear definition of longitude and latitude for each one of the points of the polygon;
Farm means an area of land and buildings for the growing of crops and/or raising of animals.
Farm means any person that obtains at least 51 percent of its annual gross income from agricultural
Farm means a parcel or parcels of land owned, leased, or managed
Farm means a single tract or contiguous tracts of agricultural land containing a minimum of ten acres [4.05 hectares] and for which the farmer, actually farming the land or engaged in the raising of livestock or other similar operations normally associated with farming and ranching, has annual gross income from farming activities which is sixty-six percent or more of annual gross income, including gross income of a spouse if married, during any of the two preceding calendar years.