Existing Contracts definition

Existing Contracts means the existing licenses and contracts given by the Railway Administration / Authority, in relation to commercial establishments, as existing on Station Development Land, as on the date of the Agreement, and as further set out in the Schedules, which shall, for avoidance of doubt, exclude any licenses and/ or contracts in relation to any Excluded Activities and/or Railway Operational Activities;
Existing Contracts has the meaning set forth in Section 2.4.
Existing Contracts. All written brokerage (other than the brokerage agreement regarding the sale of the Property to Buyer), service, maintenance, operating, repair, supply, purchase, consulting, professional service, advertising and other contracts to which Seller, or its agents, representatives, employees or predecessors-in-interest is a party, relating to the operation or management of the Property (but excluding insurance contracts and any recorded documents evidencing the Permitted Exceptions).

Examples of Existing Contracts in a sentence

  • Unless and until the necessary changes to the Existing Contract are made, all terms and conditions of the Existing Contracts will continue to be honored by the parties to the Existing Contracts.

  • Parties with Existing Rights shall continue to pay for Transmission Losses or Ancillary Services requirements in accordance with such Existing Contracts as they may be modified or changed in accordance with the terms of the Existing Contract.

  • The parties to Existing Contracts will attempt to jointly develop and agree on any TRTC Instructions that will be submitted to the CAISO.

  • To the extent there is more than one Participating TO providing transmission service under an Existing Contract or there is a set of Existing Contracts which are interdependent from the point of view of submitting instructions to the CAISO involving more than one Participating TO, the relevant Participating TOs will designate a single Participating TO as the responsible PTO and will notify the CAISO accordingly.

  • The transmission service rights and obligations of Non-Participating TOs under Existing Contracts, including all terms, conditions and rates of the Existing Contracts, as they may change from time to time under the terms of the Existing Contracts, will continue to be honored by the parties to those contracts, for the duration of those contracts.

More Definitions of Existing Contracts

Existing Contracts means capacity procured (for an Entry Point) prior to 6th April 2017 (for the avoidance of doubt, the capacity purchased may apply in respect of a day or days following this specified date). In respect of adjustments (including trades) to available Entry Capacity, where the adjustment is executed:
Existing Contracts means all insurance and reinsurance contracts, policies, certificates, binders, slips, covers or other agreements of insurance, including all supplements, riders and endorsements issued or written in connection therewith and extensions thereto, whether or not in-force, issued, renewed, or written by or on behalf of the Company in connection with the Business prior to the Effective Date.
Existing Contracts means those Contracts which are listed and briefly described on the Disclosure Schedule.
Existing Contracts means any Ancillary Agreement other than a New Ancillary Agreement.
Existing Contracts means those agreements held by the Company or the Existing Subsidiaries, each as more fully identified on Schedule 2.4.1 hereto.
Existing Contracts means all Contracts in existence as of the date hereof;
Existing Contracts means contracts that have been executed prior to June 16, 2010;