Excluded Receivables definition

Excluded Receivables means, as of any date of determination, all accounts receivable referred to in Item 1 of Schedule 7.01.
Excluded Receivables means each of the following: (a) each receivable from a “6661 account” or a “7771 account” or other account with an account number that the Collection Agent or the Seller has notified the Administrative Agent in writing is used solely to track non-account customer accounts receivable and (b) the indebtedness of each Person identified as an excluded obligor in a side letter among the Seller, the Originator, the Collection Agent, the Administrative Agent and each Purchaser Agent, as such side letter may be amended from time to time at the request of the Seller, the Originator and the Collection Agent and with the written consent of the Administrative Agent (acting on the instruction of each Purchaser Agent).
Excluded Receivables means (i) all international sales and commission invoices to foreign customers, (ii) all “first cost” sales and commissions invoices to domestic customers, (iii) all invoices to employees and affiliates, (iv) all sample xxxxxxxx to sales representatives and others; (vi) all invoices to Shoe Mania, Inc.; and (vii) all other invoices as we may agree in writing in our sole discretion (not to be unreasonably withheld).

Examples of Excluded Receivables in a sentence

  • For the avoidance of doubt, the Originators are not hereby selling, contributing, pledging or otherwise assigning any Excluded Receivables.

  • Amounts paid by or on behalf of any Obligor with respect to any Account will be attributed first to Excluded Receivables to the extent applicable to such Account, and then to Receivables.

  • For the purposes of calculating the Estimated Net Working Capital Amount, the amount of Receivables included in Current Assets shall be calculated by multiplying (x) the aggregate amount of gross Receivables (excluding the Excluded Receivables) as of the Sunday immediately preceding the Closing Date and (y) 0.50.

  • Buyer shall afford Seller and its representatives reasonable access upon reasonable prior notice during normal business hours, to all employees, officers, properties, agreements, records, books and affairs of Business relating to the Excluded Receivables.

  • Following the Closing, with the assistance of one or more representatives of Seller, Buyer shall use commercially reasonable efforts to collect the Excluded Receivables on behalf of Seller and pay vendors or contractors to obtain required lien releases.

More Definitions of Excluded Receivables

Excluded Receivables means all amounts payable by cardholders under any Account which are recorded on the books and records of the applicable Account Owner as “Charges” as defined under the Telecommunications Card Service Agreement, dated as of April 2, 1998, between Citicorp and AT&T Corp., as amended to the date hereof and as such agreement may be amended from time to time hereafter.
Excluded Receivables means any indebtedness or obligations owed to the Insight Global Finance division of Insight Direct USA, Inc. (formerly Insight Global Finance, Inc., an Arizona corporation), whether constituting an account, chattel paper, instrument or general intangible, arising in connection with the sale of goods and the rendering of services thereby.
Excluded Receivables means all accounts and other amounts receivable and all Sellers’ other rights to payment, causes of action, claims and rights of recovery to the extent they relate to the Publications or the Business, whether arising or accruing prior to, on or after the Closing Date, whether in respect of advertising, subscriptions, mailing lists or newsstand orders or otherwise, in each case other than those included as Current Assets in the calculation of Closing Net Working Capital Amount.
Excluded Receivables means any Receivable owing by a Customer that is a Blocked Person or that arises out of a transaction or activity that would violate the Trading with the Enemy Act.
Excluded Receivables means any Receivable identified on Schedule 1.1(b) of the Purchase and Sale Agreement from time to time and any right to payment under: [*].
Excluded Receivables means all Receivables other than Purchased Receivables and Contributed Receivables.
Excluded Receivables has the meaning specified in Section 2.2.