Excluded Receivables definition

Excluded Receivables means, as of any date of determination, all accounts receivable referred to in Item 1 of Schedule 7.01.
Excluded Receivables means any Receivable identified on Schedule 1.1(b) of the Purchase and Sale Agreement from time to time and any right to payment under:
Excluded Receivables means each of the following: (a) each receivable from a “6661 account” or a “7771 account” or other account with an account number that the Collection Agent or the Seller has notified the Administrative Agent in writing is used solely to track non-account customer accounts receivable and (b) the indebtedness of each Person identified as an excluded obligor in a side letter among the Seller, the Originator, the Collection Agent, the Administrative Agent and each Purchaser Agent, as such side letter may be amended from time to time at the request of the Seller, the Originator and the Collection Agent and with the written consent of the Administrative Agent (acting on the instruction of each Purchaser Agent).

Examples of Excluded Receivables in a sentence

The Administrator may, at its sole option, designate Receivables that were deemed Temporarily Excluded Receivables on any prior date to no longer be deemed Temporarily Excluded Receivables as long as after such designation by the Administrator, all of the Pool Composition Tests either will remain satisfied or will not be adversely affected.

The Servicer will state on the Acquisition Date Supplement for each Collection Period for which there is an Acquisition Date the aggregate Principal Balance of the Receivables deemed Temporarily Excluded Receivables.

For the avoidance of doubt, Collections on Temporarily Excluded Receivables (solely during the time that they are Temporarily Excluded Receivables) will not constitute Available Funds and, up to the amount of the Temporarily Excluded Receivables Servicing Fee will be distributed to the Servicer, and any remaining amounts will be deposited into the Certificate Distribution Account for distribution to the Certificateholders in the priority set forth in Section 4.1(b) of the Trust Agreement.

In addition, the Principal Balance of any Temporarily Excluded Receivables will be subtracted from the Adjusted Pool Balance for purposes of calculating the Credit Enhancement Test.

The Servicer will also receive the Temporarily Excluded Receivables Servicing Fee on each Payment Date, which will be payable solely from Collections on the Temporarily Excluded Receivables, as set forth in Section 3.5(b).

More Definitions of Excluded Receivables

Excluded Receivables means the indebtedness of (i) KeyTronicEMS Co., (ii) any Obligor located outside of the fifty states of the United States and the District of Columbia, but solely to the extent such indebtedness arises from goods having a final destination or services rendered exclusively outside of the fifty states of the United States and the District of Columbia, (iii) any Obligor of the managed print services business of the Originator (formerly known as Lexmark Solution Services) (but only with respect to such Obligor’s indebtedness to the Lexmark Solution Services business) and (iv) any Obligor of the managed print services business of the Originator in connection with Lexmark Financial Services, LLC (but only with respect to such Obligor’s indebtedness to the Originator in connection with the managed print services business), in each case resulting from the provision or sale of merchandise, insurance or services by the Originator under a Contract.
Excluded Receivables means (i) all international sales and commission invoices to foreign customers, (ii) all “first costsales and commissions invoices to domestic customers, (iii) all invoices to employees and affiliates, (iv) all sample billings to sales representatives and others; (vi) all invoices to Shoe Mania, Inc.; and (vii) all other invoices as we may agree in writing in our sole discretion (not to be unreasonably withheld).
Excluded Receivables means all amounts payable by cardholders under any Account which are recorded on the books and records of the applicable Account Owner as “Charges” as defined under the Telecommunications Card Service Agreement, dated as of April 2, 1998, between Citicorp and AT&T Corp., as amended to the date hereof and as such agreement may be amended from time to time hereafter.
Excluded Receivables means Receivables (i) with respect to which the account debtors are Affiliates of the Borrower and (ii) that do not arise from the sale of Inventory.
Excluded Receivables means any indebtedness or obligations owed to the Insight Global Finance division of Insight Direct USA, Inc. (formerly Insight Global Finance, Inc., an Arizona corporation), whether constituting an account, chattel paper, instrument or general intangible, arising in connection with the sale of goods and the rendering of services thereby.
Excluded Receivables means any Receivable in respect of which the relevant security contemplated in the relevant Transaction Security Document is prohibited, (except to the extent any such prohibition is ineffective under applicable law or the relevant consent for the granting of the applicable security under the relevant Transaction Security Document has been granted and such security can be effectively created as contemplated therein without causing a breach of the relevant Contract of Services);