Rights of recovery definition

Rights of recovery means that we can claim the money that we paid out on your claim back from the responsible person (if someone else that is not insured under this policy was responsible for the loss). You must not do anything that prevents us from doing that, or that disadvantages us when doing that.
Rights of recovery means that we can claim the money that we paid out on your claim back from the responsible person (if someone else that is not
Rights of recovery means all Syndicate Rights of Recovery all Relevant Causes of Action and all PSL Rights of Recovery

Examples of Rights of recovery in a sentence

  • Rights of recovery If You have suffered loss or damage as a result of an event or occurrence covered, or partially covered by this Policy, then We have the right and You permit Us to take action or institute legal proceedings against any person, company or entity legally liable to You for the recovery of Your insured, underinsured or uninsured losses, payments made and expenses in relation to the event or occurrence (Your Loss).

  • Cooperation You must co-operate and provide us with all reasonable assistance in connection with any investigation, negotiation, recovery, defence, legal proceeding or settlement of any claim including:▼ doing all things necessary to allow us to take over legal proceedings in the circumstances discussed in General Claims Condition 15 – Rights of recovery; and▼ attending an interview or giving evidence in court as we may reasonably require.

  • Rights of recovery If any law requires Us to pay a claim which would not otherwise be covered by Your Policy, We reserve the right to recover the amount from You or the person on whose behalf We made the payment.

  • Rights of recovery If the law or protocol requires us to pay a claim which would not otherwise be covered by your policy, we reserve the right to recover the amount from you or the person on whose behalf we make the payment.

  • Rights of recovery Upon the payment of any claim, all Your rights and remedies against such other parties will be subrogated to Us and We shall receive the benefit of any amount(s) recoverable from such other parties.

  • Rights of recovery: We may recover any amount We pay in terms of this contract from any Employee who commits a dishonest, fraudulent, criminal or malicious act causing Your liability and any Third Party causing Your liability unless 41.2 applies.

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Rights of recovery means that we can claim the money that we paid out on your claim back from the responsible person (if someone else that is not insured under this policy was responsible for the loss).
Rights of recovery means the statutory authority for the recovery of costs of insured health or medical services, as defined in the empowering legislation of each jurisdiction, as set out in the attached Exhibit “G”.

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  • Retailer of Record means the Retailer who is listed in FortisAlberta’s records through the procedures outlined in the Terms and Conditions, and thereby recognized by FortisAlberta and the Settlement System Code, as a particular Customer’s Retailer for a Point of Service at a particular time;

  • Customer of Record means the person that applies for utility service and is identified in the account records of a public utility as the person responsible for payment of the public utility bill. A customer may or may not be an end user, as defined herein.

  • Lot of record means any lot, the description of which is properly recorded with the Register of Deeds, which at the time of its recordation complied with all applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations.

  • Teacher of record means a teacher who meets all of the following:

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  • Address of record means the designated address recorded

  • Version of Record is defined as the final version of the Contribution as originally published, and as may be subsequently amended following publication in a contractually compliant manner, by or on behalf of the Publisher. Any linking, collection or aggregation of self-archived Contributions from the same Work is strictly prohibited. Appendix “Author’s Reuse Rights” The Publisher acknowledges that the Author retains the ability to copy, distribute or otherwise reuse the Contribution, without the requirement to seek specific prior written permission from the Publisher, (“Reuse”) subject to and in accordance with the following provisions: (a) Reuse of the Contribution or any part of it is permitted in a new edition of the Work or in a new monograph or new textbook written by the same Author provided that in each case the new work is published by the Publisher under a publishing agreement with the Publisher; and (b) Reuse of the Version of Record (as defined below) of the Contribution or any part of it is permitted in a thesis written by the same Author, and the Author is entitled to make a copy of the thesis containing content of the Contribution available in a repository of the Author’s awarding academic institution, or other repository required by the awarding institution; an acknowledgement should be included in the citation: “Reproduced with permission from Springer Nature”; and (c) any other Reuse of the Contribution in a new book, book chapter, proceedings or journal article, whether published by the Publisher or by any third party, is limited to three figures (including tables) or a single text extract of less than 400 words; and (d) any further Reuse of the Contribution is permitted only to the extent and in so far as is reasonably necessary: (i) to share the Contribution as a whole to no more than 10 research colleagues engaged by the same institution or employer as the Author for each colleague's personal and private use only; (ii) for classroom teaching use by the Author in their respective academic institution provided that the Contribution or any part of it is not included in course packs for sale or wider distribution to any students, institutions or other persons nor any other form of commercial or systematic exploitation; or (iii) for the Author to use all or parts of the Contribution in the further development of the Author's scientific and/or academic career, for private use and research or within a strictly limited circulation which does not allow the Contribution to become publicly accessible nor prejudice sales of, or the exploitation of the Publisher's rights in, the Contribution (e.g. attaching a copy of the Contribution to a job or grant application).

  • Owner of record The meaning set forth in the System Description.

  • Broker Dealer of Record means GWM Limited or any successor or replacement thereto or any other entity appointed as broker dealer of record in accordance with the terms of the Broker Dealer of Record Agreement.

  • Miscellaneous Interests means, subject to any and all limitations and exclusions provided for in this definition, all property, assets, interests and rights pertaining to the Petroleum and Natural Gas Rights and the Tangibles, or either of them, but only to the extent that such property, assets, interests and rights pertain to the Petroleum and Natural Gas Rights and the Tangibles, or either of them, including without limitation any and all of the following:

  • If recorded means if the data is recorded in non-volatile memory for the purpose of subsequent downloading.

  • Rights-of-Way means easements, licenses, rights-of-way, permits, servitudes, leasehold estates, instruments creating an interest in real property, and other similar real estate interests.

  • Shareholder of Record means the record owner of shares issued by an Investment Company or, in the case of joint ownership of such shares, all record owners, as designated (1) in the initial account application, or (2) in writing accompanied by a signature guarantee, or (3) pursuant to procedures as set forth in the Application.

  • Stripped Interest Rate For each Mortgage Loan, the excess, if any, of the Net Mortgage Rate for such Mortgage Loan over the Remittance Rate.

  • Public Rights-of-Way means the area on, below, or above a public roadway, highway, street, public sidewalk, alley, waterway, or utility easements dedicated for compatible uses.

  • Has a record of such impairment means has a history of, or has been misclassified as having, a mental or physical impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.

  • Operation of a System of Records means performance of any of the activities associated with maintaining the SOR, including the collection, use, maintenance, and dissemination of records.

  • FAA Xxxx of Sale means the xxxx of sale for the Aircraft on AC Form 8050-2 executed by Manufacturer or an affiliate of Manufacturer in favor of Company and recorded with the FAA.

  • Email address of record means the designated email

  • Other Secured Claims means any Secured Claim against the Debtors that is not an Administrative

  • Interest Record Date for the interest payable on any Interest Payment Date (except a date for payment of defaulted interest) means the April 15 or October 15 (whether or not a Business Day), as the case may be, immediately preceding such Interest Payment Date.

  • Relevant Record Date means the date on which a Bondholder’s ownership of Bonds shall be recorded in the CSD as follows: