Ineligible Receivable definition

Ineligible Receivable shall have the meaning specified in subsection 2.04(d)(iii).
Ineligible Receivable means any Receivable (or portion thereof) which fails to satisfy all of the requirements of an “Eligible Receivableset forth in the definition thereof.
Ineligible Receivable is any accounts receivable:

Examples of Ineligible Receivable in a sentence

  • Except in connection with its enforcement or collection of an Account, such Seller will take no action to cause any Receivable to be evidenced by any instrument (as defined in the UCC) and if any Receivable is so evidenced it shall be deemed to be an Ineligible Receivable in accordance with Section 2.05(a) and shall be reassigned to the Sellers in accordance with Section 2.05(b).

  • Any amount deposited into the Collection Account in connection with the reassignment of an Ineligible Receivable shall be considered a Transfer Deposit Amount and shall be applied in accordance with Article IV and the terms of each Supplement.

More Definitions of Ineligible Receivable

Ineligible Receivable shall, (i) as used in the Origination Agreements, have the meaning specified in each Origination Agreement, and (ii) as used in all other Transaction Documents, have the meaning specified in Section 29 of the U.S. Receivables Loan Agreement.
Ineligible Receivable means any Receivable other than an Eligible Receivable.
Ineligible Receivable means, as of any date of determination, each Receivable that is not an Eligible Receivable on such date.
Ineligible Receivable means any Receivable that arises in an Eligible Account, was not an Eligible Receivable at the time of its transfer to the Trust and was transferred to the Trust in accordance with Section 2.09.
Ineligible Receivable means any Receivable that is not an Eligible Receivable.
Ineligible Receivable means a Receivable on the books and records of an Originator in one of the following financial classes from the list of all financial classes categorized by the Originators set forth on the schedule of financial classes provided to the Administrative Agent on the Closing Date: (i) Early-Out Blue Cross, (ii) Early-Out HMO/PPO, (iii) Early-Out Other Insurance, (iv) Champus, (v) Workers Comp., (vi) Other Governmental, (vii) Schip Standards, (viii) Schip Nonstandard, (ix) Industrial, (x) Auto Insurance Liability, or (xi) Other Non-Government.
Ineligible Receivable is defined in Section 6.1(c).