Essential functions definition

Essential functions means the fundamental job duties of the employment position the individual with a disability holds or desires. "Essential functions" does not include the marginal functions of the position.
Essential functions of infrastructure management means decision making on train path allocation, including both the definition and the assessment of availability and the allocation of individual train paths, and decision-making on infrastructure charging, including determination and collection of charges, in accordance with the charging framework and the capacity allocation framework established by the Member States pursuant to Articles 29 and 39.'
Essential functions means the pri- mary tasks associated with the job.

Examples of Essential functions in a sentence

  • Essential Functions – The fundamental job duties of the employment position.

  • The essential functions listed below describe what students must be able to do to meet the requirements of being an athletic trainer or nurse to ensure protection of patient safety (Reference Arizona Board of Nursing R4-19-201.I).Applicants who are unable to meet the Essential Functions are responsible for discussing the possibility of reasonable accommodations with Student Disabilities Services.

  • Students should report pregnancies, physical limitations, allergies (e.g. Latex), recent injuries, illnesses, surgeries, or communicable disease to their instructor as soon as possible so that necessary precautions may be taken that may affect your ability to meet the Essential Functions.

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Essential functions as used in this policy means the fundamental job duties of the employment position. A job function may be considered essential for any of several reasons, including, but not limited to, the following:
Essential functions means those activities of a job that are core to performing the duties of that position and for which the job exists that cannot be modified.
Essential functions means the primary tasks associated with the job.
Essential functions means job duties considered crucial to the employment position held or desired by the employee. Functions may be considered essential because the position exists to perform the function, the function requires specialized expertise, serious results may occur if the function is not performed, other employees are not available to perform the function or the function occurs at peak periods and the employer cannot reorganize the work flow.
Essential functions means the primary job tasks and responsibilities of a position that are fundamental and necessary to accomplish the required outcomes of the position. The term “essential functions” does not include the marginal functions of the position that are incidental to the performance of the primary job functions.
Essential functions means the fundamental job duties of the employment position and does not include the marginal functions of the position.
Essential functions means those unbundled network elements (UNEs) that ILECs are required to provide pursuant to 47 U.S.C. § 251(c)(3) according to the most current requirements of the FCC. "Nonessential functions" are all other functions used in providing a telecommunications service that are not essential functions. The price of essential functions is the Commission-approved price for UNE purchases by wholesale customers; the price for UNEs without Commission-approved prices is the rate in CenturyLink QC's most current Negotiations Template Agreement for Oregon, Exhibit A, which is available at