enforcement authority definition

enforcement authority means the Council;
enforcement authority means any state agency or political subdivision of the state that has the authority to enforce the state building code.

Examples of enforcement authority in a sentence

  • The Swedish Enforcement Authority is the competent authority to issue the certificate in order for the decision to be executed in another Member State.Article 1 (a) iii and iv: These types of financial penalties may not be imposed in Sweden.

  • Section 5.1 of the CMEP recognizes the ability of NERC and Regional Entities to dispose of a Possible Violation without it becoming a Confirmed Violation:If the Compliance Enforcement Authority dismisses or disposes of a Possible Violation or Alleged Violation that does not become a Confirmed Violation, the Compliance Enforcement Authority shall issue a Notice of Completion of Enforcement Action to the Registered Entity.

More Definitions of enforcement authority

enforcement authority means any person who is, pursuant to regulation 20, authorised to enforce these Regulations;
enforcement authority means, in relation to an Approved Code, the person who under the code has the function of enforcing it;
enforcement authority means the OFT, every local weights and measures authority in Great Britain (within the meaning of section 69 of the Weights and Measures Act 1985(4)) and the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment in Northern Ireland;
enforcement authority means an enforcing authority as defined in regulation 2(1) of the 2016 Regulations;”;
enforcement authority means an authority which is an enforcement authority for the purposes of Part 6 of the 2004 Act (see paragraphs 1(2), 2(5) and 8(5) of Schedule 8) and references to the functions of an authority as an enforcement authority are to their functions under that Part of that Act;”.
enforcement authority means the Secretary of State;