Enabled definition

Enabled true, "readonly": true, "bindTo": "tsaURL" },
Enabled means there is a Central Park Range defined. “Central” Park labels are created from administrator defined range.
Enabled means the Service Controller has approved the relevant Gateway for connection to the Data Transfer Network pursuant to the Connection Procedures so that the Gateway may be used for the receipt or transmission of Traffic or Local Traffic;

Examples of Enabled in a sentence

  • Enabled by data-sharing powers in the Digital Economy Act 2017, we have the opportunity to make use of more data.

  • This number is unique to each device and cannot be changed.Backlash Compensation Enabled - This property can be used to enable or disable backlash compensation for the Pyxis LE.

  • Mobile IoT-Edge-Cloud Continuum Based and DevOps Enabled Software Framework.

  • Copy of AOA & MOA (contains the clause of export of offshore IT/ IteS Services (Computer Software/ IT Enabled Services).

  • This report is most closely linked with the Council’s Corporate / Significant Business identified to risks within An Enabled and Efficient Organisation.

More Definitions of Enabled

Enabled means that a parameter is actually activated such that it measures the parameter when an appropriate sensor is attached.
Enabled. {bindTo: "ButtonEnabled"} } } ] Example that uses the bindTo property tabs Tabs are objects that contain the value in their property. propertyName bindTo Creatio implements an alternative way to use the property for tab titles.
Enabled. {bindTo: "ButtonEnabled"} } } ] };
Enabled. {bindTo: "isAccountPrimaryContactSet"}, /* The display style of the button. */
Enabled. { bindTo: "isAccountPrimaryContactSet" }, /* Set up the button layout. */ "layout": { /* The column number. */ "column": 1, /* The row number. */ "row": 6, /* The column span. */ "colSpan": 1 } } } ]/**SCHEMA_DIFF*/ };
Enabled. SSL status means that the SSL profile is enabled for CVX server and the CVX clients can connect to CVX server over SSL transport. If there are any errors, then the status will show “Disabled” and the reason will be listed. In ‘Disabled’ state, the CVX clients wont be able to connect to CVX server over SSL transport.
Enabled means that SNMP traps will be generated in response to selected events, and sent to the network management system.