enabled definition

enabled means that DWS field is present in the DCI format and UE follows DWS field.
enabled true, "readonly": true, "bindTo": "tsaURL" },
enabled. {bindTo: "ButtonEnabled"} } } ] Example that uses the bindTo property tabs Tabs are objects that contain the value in their property. propertyName bindTo Creatio implements an alternative way to use the property for tab titles.

Examples of enabled in a sentence

  • If you have questions about this fee schedule, please contact Network Management at the address and phone number on your network participation agreement or you may use our fee schedule look-up function on the web at xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx or contact our Voice Enabled Telephonic Self Service line at (000) 000-0000.

  • You will be a full time exempt employee and will serve in the position of EVP & President, Technology Enabled Services for Change Healthcare.

  • Technology Enabled Management Systems PPBI’s sales management technology has accelerated the growth and sales culture by effectively monitoring all facets of the deposit and loan process, including lead generation, prospecting and closing  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with SalesForce provides real-time updates of existing and prospective client deposit and loan relationships.

  • The Operating Company and its Subsidiaries may distribute Wimax Enabled Devices to Third Parties who bundle and resell the Wimax Enabled Devices with the Wimax handset only access services of such Third Party.

  • TWC 10-67 Issued Methods And Apparatus For Communicating Messages Between Mobile Communications Devices And Internet Enabled Devices 8634809 1/21/2014 USA Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC 325.

More Definitions of enabled

enabled true},{"pages":["all"],"location":"footer","script":"\r","enabled":false},{"pages":["article"],"location":"header","script":" ","enabled":true},
enabled. { bindTo: "isAccountPrimaryContactSet" }, /* Set up the button layout. */ "layout": { /* The column number. */ "column": 1, /* The row number. */ "row": 6, /* The column span. */ "colSpan": 1 } } } ]/**SCHEMA_DIFF*/ };
enabled. {bindTo: "ButtonEnabled"} } } ] };
enabled. {bindTo: "isAccountPrimaryContactSet"}, /* The display style of the button. */
enabled means there is a Central Park Range defined. “Central” Park labels are created from administrator defined range.
enabled means the Service Controller has approved the relevant Gateway for connection to the Data Transfer Network pursuant to the Connection Procedures so that the Gateway may be used for the receipt or transmission of Traffic or Local Traffic;
enabled means that a parameter is actually activated such that it measures the parameter when an appropriate sensor is attached.