Employment Transfer definition

Employment Transfer shall have the meaning set forth in section 4.06(b)(i) of this Agreement.
Employment Transfer shall have the meaning set forth in section 4.06(b)(i) of this Agreement. Section 1.77 “Employment Transfer Facility” shall have the meaning set forth in section 4.06(b)(i) of this Agreement. Section 1.78 “Encumbrance” shall mean: (i) with respect to the equity interests in the joint venture companies, any voting trust, shareholder agreement, proxy or other similar restriction; and (ii) with respect to any property or asset (including capital stock or other equity interests) any lien, charge, claim, pledge, security interest, conditional sale agreement or other title retention agreement, lease, mortgage, security interest, option or other encumbrance (including the filing of, or agreement to give, any financing statement under the Uniform Commercial Code of any jurisdiction or a similar law relating to security interests in and over personal property). Section 1.79 “Environmental Matters Agreement” shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in section 5.01(a)(i) of this Agreement. Section 1.80 “Excess Interiors Proceeds” shall mean an amount equal to (a) the Initial Sale Proceeds or Adjusted Sale Proceeds, as applicable, in connection with the sale of the Global Interiors & Closures Business, less (b) the lesser of (i) $91 million and (ii) the Net Working Capital associated with the Global Interiors & Closures Business as of the Closing Date (to the extent included as part of the sale), and less (c) any Unrecovered Separation Costs; provided, however, that in no event shall the Excess Interiors Proceeds be less than zero. MRA-9

Examples of Employment Transfer in a sentence

  • EMP L OY MEN T AN D L ABO U R• Advising in relation to Transfer of Employment: Transfer of business undertaking whether by amalgamation, restructuring, sale of business undertaking, assets sale or otherwise involves several issues such as the transfer of employees and their accrued benefits, taking employees and / or trade union into confidence.

  • Fee caps and prohibition for ongoing advice from MySuperOf all assurance measures, we found that most trustees impose some sort of fee cap on advice services provided to members.

  • Payment of Annual Leave at Separation of Employment, Transfer, or Status Change: Accrued, unused annual leave is not paid to Heads of Schools, Secondary School Administrators, or 12 month Principals, Assistant Principals, Secondary School Counselors and Preschool Directors who separate from employment at the end of the contract year.

  • Section F of the Employment Transfer Protocol provides all staff who are identified/not identified for transfer with a right of appeal.

  • Within three (3) business days of the Execution Date, the Parties will enter into an Employment Transfer Agreement (attached as Exhibit H) which will govern the process by which Buyer may identify employees of Seller to whom Buyer wishes to offer employment and which further specifies the process by which the Parties have agreed Buyer may solicit such identified employees to accept employment with Buyer.

  • Employment, Transfer and Termination.....................................

  • In the case of Employment Transfer: o An employer’s letter on company letterhead stating the location, start date and length of transfero The named Participant’s principle residence must move further from Brimacombe, and outside a distance greater than 125 km from the ski area.

  • Employment Transfer: The unvested Shares shall be subject to mandatory repurchase for no consideration when the Recipient requests a transfer to any other entity within the Company’s corporate group (the “Group”).

  • No Pre-Termination Access unless Age 70-1/2 No Loans or Hardship Withdrawals Previously Contributed Amounts Employment Transfer is not a Termination Transfer of Funds is not a Termination Simultaneous Contributions and Withdrawals Documentation of Restrictions (A) No Pre-Termination Access unless Age 70-1/2.

  • Availability of data that can come from various sources, interviews and observations; 2.

Related to Employment Transfer

  • Document Transfer Event As defined in the Pooling and Servicing Agreement.

  • Nonqualifying Termination means a termination of the Executive’s employment (1) by the Company for Cause, (2) by the Executive for any reason other than a Good Reason, (3) as a result of the Executive’s death or (4) by the Company due to the Executive’s absence from his duties with the Company on a full-time basis for at least 180 consecutive days as a result of the Executive’s incapacity due to physical or mental illness.

  • Prior Employment Agreement has the meaning set forth in the recitals hereto.

  • Subsequent Transfer Agreement A Subsequent Transfer Agreement substantially in the form of Exhibit P hereto, executed and delivered by the Sellers, the Depositor and the Trustee as provided in Section 2.01(d).

  • Employment Tax means any Tax the liability or responsibility for which is allocated pursuant to the Employee Matters Agreement.

  • Post-Event Transferee shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7(e) hereof.

  • Payment Transaction means an act, initiated by the payer or on his behalf or by the payee, of placing, transferring or withdrawing funds, irrespective of any underlying obligations between the payer and the payee;

  • Subsequent Transfer Instrument: Each Subsequent Transfer Instrument, dated as of a Subsequent Transfer Date, executed by the Trustee and the Depositor substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit I, by which Subsequent Loans are transferred to the Trust Fund.

  • Good Reason Termination means a termination of employment or service initiated by the Participant upon or after a Change of Control upon one or more of the following events:

  • Employment Agreement means each management, employment, severance, consulting, relocation, repatriation, expatriation, visas, work permit or other agreement, or contract between the Company or any Affiliate and any Employee.

  • Suitable employment or "suitable job" means employment or a job:

  • Involuntary Termination of Employment means the Termination of Service by the Company or Subsidiary other than a termination for Cause, or termination of employment by a Participant Employee for Good Reason.

  • Good Reason means:

  • Employment means any occupation, vocation or employment, or any form of vocational or educational training. Provided, however, that "employment" shall not, for the purposes of this article, include membership in any law enforcement agency.

  • employment zone means an area within Great Britain designated for the purposes of section 60 of the Welfare Reform and Pensions Act 1999 and an “employment zone programme” means a programme established for such an area or areas designed to assist claimants for a jobseeker’s allowance to obtain sustainable employment;

  • Employment Law means any provision of this Act or any of the following Acts:

  • Termination of Employment means that the Executive ceases to be employed by the Company for any reason, voluntary or involuntary, other than by reason of a leave of absence approved by the Company.

  • Severance Agreement means the Key Executive Severance Agreement, dated as of the date hereof, between the parties, as it may be amended from time to time, that provides for certain benefits related to termination of the Executive’s employment that are unrelated to a Change of Control.

  • self-employment route means assistance in pursuing self-employed earner’s employment whilst participating in—

  • Self-employment shall be where a Claimant sets up his/her own business and is responsible for paying his/her tax and National Insurance.

  • Comparable Employment means employment on terms which provide (a) the same or greater rate of base pay or salary as in effect immediately prior to Executive’s termination, (b) the same, equivalent or higher job title and level of responsibility as Executive had prior to Executive’s termination, (c) equivalent or higher bonus opportunity as the bonus opportunity for the year preceding the year in which the termination occurs, and d) a principal work location that is both (i) no more than forty-five (45) miles from Executive’s principal work location immediately prior to Executive’s termination and (ii) no more than thirty (30) miles farther from Executive’s principal weekday residence than was Executive’s principal work location immediately prior to the termination.

  • Change in Control means the occurrence of any of the following events:

  • Substitute employee is a person hired to perform the duties of a position in the temporary absence of the employee who is regularly assigned to that position.

  • Employment Termination means the effective date of: (i) Executive’s voluntary termination of employment with the Company with Good Reason, or (ii) the termination of Executive’s employment by the Company without Good Cause.

  • Termination Upon a Change in Control means a termination of Officer’s employment with Corporation within 12 months following a “Change in Control” that constitutes a Termination Other Than For Cause described in Section 2.1(b).

  • Termination Transaction has the meaning set forth in Section 11.2.B hereof.