Shareholder Agreement Sample Clauses

Shareholder Agreement. The Shareholder Agreement shall have been duly executed and delivered by the Company.
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Shareholder Agreement. This term is defined in the preamble and includes the First Supplemental Shareholder Agreement, dated as of the date hereof, between the Company, the Shareholder, F-Jotan, the Southland Purchasers and the Purchaser in substantially the form attached to this Agreement as Annex A and incorporated in this Agreement by reference.
Shareholder Agreement. This Agreement shall remain in effect in accordance with its terms notwithstanding the termination or lapse in effectiveness of any other agreement between the Shareholder and the Company, including, but not limited to, the Shareholder Agreement.
Shareholder Agreement. Pursuant to Section 1(viii) of the MTI Shareholder Agreement entered into as of March 22, 2001, by and among Micron Electronics, Inc., now known as Interland, Inc., and the Seller, Seller is transferring the Shares to Purchaser, which is a "controlled Affiliate of MTI". As required by the MTI Shareholder Agreement, Purchaser hereby agrees to be bound by Section 1 of the MTI Shareholder Agreement with respect to the Shares.
Shareholder Agreement. The Company and the Shareholder will have entered into the Shareholder Agreement with Purchaser.
Shareholder Agreement. 1 Shareholders.............................................................. 50
Shareholder Agreement. The Shareholder Agreement shall have been executed and delivered by each party thereto.
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Shareholder Agreement. If applicable, the Shareholder Agreement shall have been duly executed and delivered by a duly authorized signatory on behalf of such Noteholder.
Shareholder Agreement. Michxxx xxxll have executed and delivered to the Representative at the Closing, the Shareholder Agreement.
Shareholder Agreement. The Shareholder Agreement among --------------------- Shareholders with respect to the Company shall have been terminated.
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