Emergency Works definition

Emergency Works means any urgent measures which in the opinion of the Engineer-in- Charge, become necessary during the progress of the work to obviate any risk of accident or failure which become necessary for security.
Emergency Works mean works, the execution of which, at the time it is proposed to be executed, is required to put an end to, or prevent, the arising of circumstances then existing or imminent that are likely to cause: (a) danger to persons or property; (b) the interruption of any Services provided by the Verizon Facilities; (c) substantial loss to Verizon or any third party; and/or (d) such other works as in all the circumstances it is reasonable to execute with those works.
Emergency Works means and include all such works necessary to be undertaken to prevent the occurrence/ happening/ further deterioration/ damage/ disaster/ accident/ incident anticipated by the Engineer-in-Charge that could seriously affect the safety of persons/production of Mine or part thereof.

Examples of Emergency Works in a sentence

  • Table 1: Recommended Compliance Approaches for Hydro One Maintenance and Construction Activities Hydro One Activity Recommended Compliance Approach: CA Permission (using Regular Approach) Recommended Compliance Approach: CA Permission (using Standard Compliance Requirements) Recommended Compliance Approach: Application of Standard Best Practices Emergency Works (within CA-regulated areas or within CA-owned lands) Follow procedures outlined in Section 8.0 of the MOU.

More Definitions of Emergency Works

Emergency Works means works carried out in order to stop anything already occurring, or to prevent anything imminent from occurring, which is likely to cause—
Emergency Works means any works in the road reserve, which are necessary to prevent, end or avert a dangerous situation or unplanned interruption in the provision of services by a service provider;
Emergency Works. , in relation to clause 23, means the repair or replacement of any part of works, owned or controlled by the Council or a county council:
Emergency Works means Park Works that are in the reasonable opinion of the Company required to be carried out urgently to deal with any emergency on or immediately adjacent to the Site.
Emergency Works has the meaning ascribed thereto in the Act;
Emergency Works. , in relation to a carrier, means works the execution of which, at the time it is proposed to execute them, are necessary in order to end or prevent circumstances that are likely to cause
Emergency Works means works whose execution at the time when they are executed is requisite in order to put an end to, or to prevent the arising of, circumstances then existing or imminent which are calculated to cause danger to persons or property, interruption of a supply or service afforded by statutory undertakers, or substantial loss to statutory undertakers; and, in relation to works comprising items whereof some fall within the preceding provisions of this definition and others do not, includes only such of them as fall within those provisions and such others of them as cannot reasonably be severed therefrom;