Federal Income Tax Withholding Sample Clauses

Federal Income Tax Withholding. Employer may withhold from any ------------------------------ benefits payable under this Agreement all federal, state, city, or other taxes as shall be required pursuant to any law or governmental regulation or ruling.
Federal Income Tax Withholding. The Trustee shall not be responsible for withholding federal and state income tax from distributions unless the Administrator provides the Trustee with the following information concerning each distribution:
Federal Income Tax Withholding. Any nonqualified distribution of earnings from your Roth IRA, except a direct transfer or a recharacterization, may be subject to federal income tax withholding. You may, however, elect not to have withholding apply to your Roth IRA withdrawal. If withholding is applied to your withdrawal, no less than 10% of the amount withdrawn must be withheld for federal income tax purposes. Special federal income tax withholding rules may apply if the distribution is sent outside of the United States.
Federal Income Tax Withholding. The Company shall withhold from any benefits payable pursuant to this Agreement such Federal, State, City or other taxes as may be required to be withheld pursuant to any law or governmental regulations or ruling.
Federal Income Tax Withholding. The General Partner is authorized to withhold any sums required by the Internal Revenue Code even if such withholding conflicts with any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement or otherwise affects distributions, allocations, or payments to the Partners. In the event that the General Partner learns of a withholding obligation subsequent to the distribution to which the withholding obligation relates, the General Partner will issue an invoice to the Partner. If the invoice is not paid within sixty (60) days, the General Partner will charge the amount against the Partner’s Capital Account. This Section will survive the termination of a Partner’s status as a Partner.
Federal Income Tax Withholding. We withhold and send to the U.S. Government a part of the taxable portion of each distribution unless you notify us before distribution of an available election not to have any amounts withheld. In certain circumstances, we may be required to withhold tax. The withholding rates for the taxable portion of periodic annuity payments are the same as the withholding rates for wage payments. The withholding rate for the taxable portion of non-periodic payments is 10%. The withholding rate for eligible rollover distributions is 20%.