Revenue Officer definition

Revenue Officer means every officer of any rank whatsoever appointed under or employed for the purposes of this Act;
Revenue Officer means an officer of the Revenue Commissioners;
Revenue Officer means every officer of any rank whatsoever appointed under any of the provisions of this Code, and employed in or about the business of the land revenue or of the surveys, assessment, accounts, or records connected therewith;

Examples of Revenue Officer in a sentence

  • Chief Presidency Magistrate / Additional Chief Presidency Magistrate / Presidency Magistrate.3. Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tehsildar.4. Sub – Divisional officer of the area where the candidate and / or his family ordinarily resides.

  • MUSHOK-6.3: Vendors need to submit the original copy of MUSHOK-6.3. It has to be certified by the Revenue Officer or Assistant Revenue Officer of relevant VAT circle of the vendor.

  • If, however, it is based on residence, a certificate should be submitted which is obtained from an Officer of the Revenue Department not below the rank of Mandal Revenue Officer, in independent charge of a Mandal.

  • The Legislative Revenue Officer or authorized representatives upon compliance with ORS 173.850.

  • The engagement of retired Revenue Officer with Team (Kanoongo/ Girdawar or equivalent and Patwari) should be in such a way that one Revenue officer be responsible for 50 km length of DPR or part thereof.

More Definitions of Revenue Officer

Revenue Officer means the Commissioner, an Additional Commissioner, the Collector, an Additional Collector, the Chief Revenue Officer, the Sub-Divisional Officer, an Assistant Collector, the Settlement Officer, an Assistant Settlement Officer, the Record Officer, an Assistant Record Officer, the Tahsildar, the Tahsildar (Judicial), the Naib Tahsildar and the Revenue Inspector;
Revenue Officer means an officer of the Commissioners;”,
Revenue Officer in any provision of this Act means a revenue officer having authority under this Act , to discharge the functions of a revenue officer under that provision;
Revenue Officer means an officer of the Revenue Com- missioners;
Revenue Officer means the CEO and any
Revenue Officer means the officer defined as such under section 6 of the Jammu and Kashmir Land Revenue Act, Samvat 1996; and