Retired Participant definition

Retired Participant means a person who has been a Participant, but who has become entitled to retirement benefits under the Plan.

Examples of Retired Participant in a sentence

  • The "Normal Retirement Benefit" payable to a Retired Participant pursuant to this Plan Section5.1 shall be a pension commencing on the Participant's Retirement Date and continuing for the period specified by the Employer as the Normal Form of Benefit in the Adoption Agreement.

More Definitions of Retired Participant

Retired Participant means a Participant who elects to maintain an Account in the Plan after his/her Retirement Date.
Retired Participant means a Participant who is no longer an Employee, but who is entitled to benefits in accordance with Article V.
Retired Participant means any Participant or former Participant who is entitled to benefits pursuant to Article III, IV or V.
Retired Participant means an individual who was an active Participant under this Plan until his retirement date and who retires from employment with the Employer and is thereupon immediately eligible to receive retirement benefits hereunder.
Retired Participant means a Participant who retired in accordance ------------------- with the provisions of the Retirement Plan as heretofore or hereafter amended.
Retired Participant means any Participant who has qualified for retirement and the receipt of benefits under the Plan and who has separated from service with the Company.
Retired Participant means a Participant who has Separated from Service after attaining age 55 and completing at least 10 years of vesting service (as defined in the Pension Plan) or after age 65.