Definition of Earned Individual Award

Earned Individual Award means a Participant's actual Incentive Award.

Examples of Earned Individual Award in a sentence

The Release must be executed by the Participant, submitted to the Company and become irrevocable prior to the date on which any such Earned Individual Award shall be paid, but in no event shall the Release be executed later than March 10th of the year following the year in which the Termination without Cause occurred; provided that if the Release is executed after such time, any payments with respect to the Earned Individual Award will be forfeited.
The Committee may provide that an Earned Individual Award may not exceed a certain percentage of the Individual Target Award.
In the event that a Participant is involuntarily Terminated without Cause, AIG will require the Participant to execute a Release in order to impose restrictive covenants requiring confidentiality of information, non-disparagement and non-solicitation of Company employees for 12 months following the termination as a condition to receiving payment of all or a portion of an Earned Individual Award for which the Award Date has not occurred as of such termination.
A Participant must be employed on the Award Date to be eligible to receive his or her Earned Individual Award except to the extent provided in Section 6 and Appendix B.
In determining the manner in which the Earned Individual Award will be calculated, the Committee may establish minimum, target and maximum achievement levels for any Performance Metric.