Final Award definition

Final Award means, in the context of this Request for Proposals and all its attendant documents, that point at which the final required signature on the contract(s) resulting from the procurement has been affixed to the contract(s) thus making it fully executed.
Final Award means the actual award earned during a Plan Year by a Participant, as determined by the Committee at the end of such Plan Year.
Final Award means an award designated as final and issued in an arbitration by an arbitrator.

Examples of Final Award in a sentence

The Government of the United Mexican States, UNCITRAL-NAFTA, Final Award, November 15, 2004, § 93, available at Interestingly, a similar question was raised in a recent UNCITRAL case, Société Générale v.

Pursuant to the Final Award, the Arbitral Tribunal, amongst others, ordered EAT to pay MMHE a total of US$ 29,520,172.65 and costs in the sum of RM4,686,398.16 (together with interest at 5% per annum from date of Award to the date of full payment).

MMHE was informed by its solicitors that they received the Final Award dated 10 November 2020 (Final Award) on 11 November 2020.

Republic of Sri Lanka, ICSID Case No. ARB/87/3, Final Award, June 27, 1990, § 3, as to the finding of an investment when claimant was merely “participating in the equity capital” of a host state enterprise; Antoine Goetz v.

On 4 December 2020, EAT applied to the Tribunal to make a determination on certain defences in respect of specific AWOs/WCRs which the Tribunal had allegedly omitted to address in the Final Award and to make corrections to the Final Award pursuant to Section 35 of the Arbitration Act 2005 (Correction Application).

More Definitions of Final Award

Final Award means a communication to a Vendor from the Authority that he or she has been selected by the Authority to provide a Commodity or Service.
Final Award means the actual award earned by a Participant for a Performance Period, as determined by the Committee following the end of such Performance Period.
Final Award means the amount ultimately paid to a Participant under the Plan for a Performance Period;
Final Award means the award to and execution of the DBC and CMC with a Proposer and shall be deemed to occur on the date on which all conditions set forth in ITP Section 6.1(a) through (e) are satisfied and upon delivery of the fully executed sets to Proposer.
Final Award means the amount awarded pursuant to this Plan to be paid to an Eligible Employee for the Incentive Period.
Final Award means the actual award that may be paid for a Plan Year to a Participant, if it is not forfeited pursuant to Article VI, as determined by the Committee.