Due Date(s) definition

Due Date(s) means the date(s) on which any amounts in respect of the Outstandings are payable by Obligors to the Lender as more specifically mentioned in the Facility Documents.
Due Date(s) means (a) the relevant date(s) on which any amounts in respect of the Borrower’s dues including the principal amounts of the Loan, interest and/or any other monies, fall due as specified in the Repayment Schedule, or (b) in case no specific date is mentioned, forthwith upon accrual/incurring, or such earlier dates as may be specified by the Lender.
Due Date(s) means such date(s) on which (a) any amount including principal, interest and/or other charges in respect of the Loan is due and/or payable by the Borrower to IHFL in terms of the Loan Documents and/or (b) performance of any other obligation(s) is required to be complied with by the Borrower under the Loan Documents

Examples of Due Date(s) in a sentence

  • Due Dates: Every February 15 and August 15, after the Interim Status Report has been submitted, until the end of Project Useful Life.

  • The Contractor shall submit reports in accordance with the following schedule: Report Period Covered Due Dates MFMP Transaction Report Calendar month 15th calendar day of the month following the receipt of payment for the vendor’s good or services.

  • Products: • Draft Technology Transfer Plan • Final Technology Transfer Plan Schedule of Products and Due Dates Task Task Number Name Product(s) Original Planned Start Date Revised Planned Start Date Amd.

  • Payment Due Dates December 31 is the final payment due date for fall only plans.

  • Due Dates: Within 90 calendar days after the commencement of the Term of this Agreement, and every April 15 and October 15, following the Effective Date until the Interim Status Report has been submitted.

More Definitions of Due Date(s)

Due Date(s). BH TEDS data are due monthly. The PIHP is responsible for generating each month's data upload to MDHHS consistent with established protocols and procedures. Monthly data uploads must be received by MDHHS via the DEG no later than the last day of the following month.
Due Date(s) means the respective dates for the payment of the lease rentals as stated in the Appendices or if such respective due date is not a Business Day, the next Business Day;
Due Date(s) means the due dates for payment of the Sums Due indicated in each of the Disbursement Requests. Sums Due shall always become payable within three hundred and sixty (360) consecutive days from the date on which the disbursement was made and shall not be due after October 26th, 2017 (the “Final Due Date”).
Due Date(s) shall bear the meaning ascribed to it in Clause 4 below. “Force Majeure Event” shall bear the meaning ascribed to it in Clause 18 below.
Due Date(s) means those due dates specified in Item 4 of Schedule 1.
Due Date(s) means the date(s) under the Approved Payment Plan by which the Customer is liable to make payment for the First Instalment and Subsequent Instalment(s).
Due Date(s) means the date(s) on which any part of the Murabaha Sales Price is due and payable by the Client to the Bank. Any payment falling due on a day which is not a business day shall fall due on immediately preceding business day.