DR definition

DR means the Facility. This term is used in IEEE Standard 1547-2003.
DR equals Discount Rate applicable to such Receivable “DP” equals Discount Period applicable to such Receivable Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Administrative Agent (on behalf of the Purchasers) may, in its sole and absolute discretion, elect to purchase a Receivable for an amount equal to such Receivable’s Net Face Value, as reduced by any amount (including any Accrued Aggregate Unreimbursed Purchase Discount) then due and payable by a Seller to the Administrative Agent or any Purchaser hereunder (such amount, the “Adjusted Purchase Price”). In this event, an amount equal to the Accrued Aggregate Unreimbursed Purchase Discount for such Purchased Receivable will be payable by the Seller Representative on each Settlement Date and each Termination Settlement Date until such time as the Aggregate Unreimbursed Purchase Discount or such Purchased Receivable has been paid in full. The Seller shall not be entitled to set-off its obligation to pay the Aggregate Unreimbursed Purchase Discount (or any portion thereof) against the Refundable Discount Advance. With respect to each Purchased Receivable, the Purchase Price thereof shall be payable by the Administrative Agent (on behalf of the Purchasers) to the Seller Representative (on behalf of the relevant Seller) by deposit into the Remittance Account on the Settlement Date immediately following the Settlement Period during which such Purchased Receivable was purchased. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Purchase Price shall be subject to netting and set-off as provided for under Section 5.6.

Examples of DR in a sentence

  • Upon completion of the Proof Test, if the gas supply is not turned on and the consumer’s Internal Pipe including the Meter Installation is left unattended, DR must ensure that the gas Meter is removed or a spool is placed at the gas pipe which is connected to the relevant Meter Installation to prevent any flow of gas into the Gas Installation.

  • The DR must also ensure that all plugs, caps and other ends of the installation are affixed with warning labels marked ‘Live Gas.

  • The Ld. DR on the other hand has relied upon the order passed by the AO and the DRP.

  • The Ld. DR on the other hand has relied upon the order passed by the authorities below.

  • Nishimura RA, Pieroni DR, Bierman FZ, Colan SD, Kaufman S, Sanders SP, Seward JB, Tajik AJ, Wiggins JW, Zahka KG.

More Definitions of DR

DR means discontinued rate.
DR means a depositary receipt (certificaten van aandelen) that may be issued by Stichting in respect of the Stichting Shares, each representing **
DR has the meaning given in the recitals of this Agreement.