DR definition

DR means an American Depositary Receipt, European Depositary Receipt, or Global Depositary Receipt or similar instrument issued by a depositary to represent the underlying securities held by the depositary.
DR means the Facility. This term is used in IEEE Standard 1547-2003.
DR means a depositary receipt representing common shares of Emera;

Examples of DR in a sentence

  • In: Page AL, Miller RH, Keeney DR (eds) Methods of soil analysis: chemical and micro- biological properties, 2nd edn.

  • This plan covers human leukocyte antigen testing for A, B, and DR antigens once per member per lifetime to establish a member’s bone marrow transplantation donor suitability in accordance with R.I. General Law §27-20-36.

  • Protection techniques shall exist within the production and DR environments, where information is hosted and protected in the United States for student information.

  • List N/A, if a seasonal water table is not present.Comments: Use as needed for additional system information.Part 2 Installation Inspection: Completed and signed by the Environmental Health Specialist (EHS) responsible for the system review, or may be made by the Designated Representative (DR) at the approval of the Authorized Agent.

  • MUSTAFA RUSTAMZADA TEL / FAX: 0798240644EMAIL: mustafa.rustamzada1391@gmail.comHERAT CITY, BADMURGHAN, DR.

More Definitions of DR

DR means a Limited Demand Resource, Extended Summer Demand Resource, Annual Demand Resource, Base Capacity Demand Resource or Summer- Period Demand Resource with a demonstrated capability to provide a reduction in demand or otherwise control load in accordance with the requirements of RAA, Schedule 6 that offers and that clears load reduction capability in a Base Residual Auction or Incremental Auction or that is committed through an FRR Capacity Plan.
DR equals Discount Rate applicable to such Receivable “DP” equals Discount Period applicable to such Receivable Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Administrative Agent (on behalf of the Purchasers) may, in its sole and absolute discretion, elect to purchase a Receivable for an amount equal to such Receivable’s Net Face Value, as reduced by any amount (including any Accrued Aggregate Unreimbursed Purchase Discount) then due and payable by a Seller to the Administrative Agent or any Purchaser hereunder (such amount, the “Adjusted Purchase Price”). In this event, an amount equal to the Accrued Aggregate Unreimbursed Purchase Discount for such Purchased Receivable will be payable by the Seller Representative on each Settlement Date and each Termination Settlement Date until such time as the Aggregate Unreimbursed Purchase Discount or such Purchased Receivable has been paid in full. The Seller shall not be entitled to set-off its obligation to pay the Aggregate Unreimbursed Purchase Discount (or any portion thereof) against the Refundable Discount Advance. With respect to each Purchased Receivable, the Purchase Price thereof shall be payable by the Administrative Agent (on behalf of the Purchasers) to the Seller Representative (on behalf of the relevant Seller) by deposit into the Remittance Account on the Settlement Date immediately following the Settlement Period during which such Purchased Receivable was purchased. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Purchase Price shall be subject to netting and set-off as provided for under Section 5.6.
DR means discontinued rate.
DR means a depositary receipt (certificaten van aandelen) that may be issued by Stichting in respect of the Stichting Shares, each representing **
DR means Departure Record andrefers to the process used by CFM to document technical data and assessments provided to Operators for evaluation of specific conditions that depart from, or are not addressed by, published documents in relation to the serviceable limits originally indicated in the OEM manuals.