GoI definition

GoI means the Government of India.
GoI means the Government of the Republic of India and any agency, legislative body, department, political subdivision, authority or instrumentality thereof.

Examples of GoI in a sentence

  • Agency/ Institution authorized by GOI/ State Govt.) on and the same is valid from to in respect of item/ good (give name of item/ good) mentioned in the tender (Self Certified Copy of the relevant certificate is attached as Annexure A’ with this affidavit).

  • Third, the number of active digital media users in Indonesia has to exceed a certain amount (GOI, 2020).

  • The Concessionaire shall, in conformity with the guidelines issued from time to time by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, GOI or a substitute thereof and any policy issued by the concerned State Government, procure a barrier free environment for the physically or visually challenged and for elderly persons using the Resort.

  • The GOI is responsible for the protection and security arrangements of all the HAMM personnel residing in NAD.

  • OBC candidates included in the Central List with certificate not more than 12 months old (with clear mention of candidate not belonging to “Creamy Layer”) in the GOI prescribed format only will be considered for the posts reserved for OBC.

More Definitions of GoI

GoI or “Government” means the Government of India;
GoI means the Government of India
GoI means the Government of India, its respective departments or any other authorities, agencies and instrumentalities functioning under the direction or control of the Government of India.
GoI means the Government of India and any of its duly authorized agency, authority, department, inspectorate, ministry or person (whether autonomous or not).
GoI means the Government of India and any agency, authority (including regulatory authority), department, inspectorate, ministry or statutory person (whether autonomous or not) under the control and direction of Government of India.