GoI definition

GoI means the Government of India.

Examples of GoI in a sentence

  • To provide social security to vulnerable sections of the society, particularly those living Below Poverty Line (BPL), Government of India (GOI) introduced the National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP) as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) in August 1995.

  • First, Respondents contend that all of the information submitted by the GOI regarding the IBRA debt sale was provided within the timeframe outlined by the Department, including all of the information about the Orleans transaction.

  • And while the GOI was unable to obtain all of the IBRA data requested by the Department concerning transactions other than the Orleans purchase of APP/SMG debt, Respondents claim that the information provided by the GOI is sufficient for the Department to make its determination.

  • There is no information on the record of this review that indicates the GOI deliberately allowed APP/SMG to postpone paying their full DR fees.

  • It shall not be open for the insurance company to take a stand independently without consent of the State Govt & GOI.

More Definitions of GoI

GoI or “Government” means the Government of India;
GoI means the Government of India
GoI means the Government of India and any of its duly authorized agency, authority, department, inspectorate, ministry or person (whether autonomous or not).
GoI means the Government of India and any agency, authority (including regulatory authority), department, inspectorate, ministry or statutory person (whether autonomous or not) under the control and direction of Government of India.