Domesticated animal definition

Domesticated animal means any species of animal living and bred in a tame condition.
Domesticated animal means owned or stray cats, dogs, and ferrets or other animals for which there exists a rabies vaccine approved by the department and licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture.
Domesticated animal means a dog, cat, bird, fish or other animal that does not constitute a health or safety hazard.

Examples of Domesticated animal in a sentence

  • Animals: Domesticated animal biodiversity in Bangladesh is largely limited to livestock.

  • Domesticated animal Caltech Public Events is now hiring student ushers.$15 per hour to work concerts, performances, lectures, films and parties.No experience needed, no hard labor, flexible schedules.*Requirements: Caltech student, Positive attitude, Friendly personality To apply email Adam Jacobo ( or call (626)395-5907 For info on Caltech Public Events visit: www.caltech.

  • Domesticated animal resources6 (Note: this is important but difficult to measure and it is questionable, therefore, whether it should be a target or an indicator or incorporated in another manner.

  • For all projects constructed for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities’ (CMU), stabilization and seeding should be performed in accordance with the CMU Design Manual.3. Domesticated animal trails (farming).

  • More cat like, less doglike Domesti-cated animal likeTable 3: Table showing a labelled entity matrix E with the same entities as Table 1 defined in terms of the latent feature matrix given in Table 2.

  • Domesticated animal means a dog, cat or other animal commonly kept as a companion, and also includes livestock as defined in 7 M.R.S.A., Section 3907, Subsection 18-A.

  • Domesticated animal shall not include fish or any of the following caged animals: birds, reptiles, amphibians, other small mammals weighing less than six (6) pounds, or exotic/dangerous animals.

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Domesticated animal means farm−raised deer or an animal that is all
Domesticated animal means any animal that is owned which provides companionship, recreation, income or otherwise not regulated by the State of Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife;
Domesticated animal means an animal kept by ...
Domesticated animal means farm−raised deer, a pet bird that is either
Domesticated animal means an animal kept for pleasure or for utility, that has adapted to life in association with and to the use of human beings, and shall not include animals which normally can be found in the wild state, unless specifically so designated by the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission.
Domesticated animal means any bird or animal of any species which usually lives in or about the habitation of humans as a pet or animal companion. The term does not include a dangerous animal, a prohibited dangerous animal, or a feral cat.

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  • Domestic animal means any animal which is sufficiently tame to serve some purpose for the use of man, whether or not such use is utilitarian, and includes individual animals which were once tamed or which are in the process of being so tamed;

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