Domestic Waste definition

Domestic Waste means waste, excluding hazardous waste, that emanates from premises that are used wholly or mainly for residential, educational, health care, sport or recreation purposes, which include:
Domestic Waste means wastewater (or water-carried waste) of human origin generated by personal activities from toilet, kitchen, laundry, or bathing facilities, or by other similar facilities used for household or residential dwelling purposes (“sanitary sewage”). Domestic waste shall not include any waste resulting from industrial or commercial processes, including, without limitation, any hazardous or toxic pollutants. Wastes emanating from sources other than residential dwelling units which are to be considered domestic wastes shall be of the same nature and strength and have the same flow rate characteristics.

Examples of Domestic Waste in a sentence

  • Operation stage:• Domestic waste similar office waste;• Noise from ventilation systems.

  • Domestic waste is fore- casted by multiplying the Swiss average by the number of FTEs in Switzerland.

More Definitions of Domestic Waste

Domestic Waste means any nonpu- trescible waste, consisting of combustible materials, such as paper, cardboard, yard clippings, wood, or similar materials, gener- ated in a dwelling, including the real prop- erty upon which it is situated, containing four living units or less.
Domestic Waste means any debris, rubbish, refuse, sewage, effluent, discard or garbage arising from residential household use, belonging to or associated with a house or use of a house or residential land, which for greater certainty includes all garbage, discarded material or items, broken or dismantled items, and materials or items exposed to the elements, deteriorating or decaying on land due to exposure or the weather, and for even greater certainty “domestic waste” includes but is not limited to the following classes of material regardless of the nature or condition of the material, article or thing:
Domestic Waste means the waste produced by residents in their homes;
Domestic Waste means material discharged from galleys, sinks, showers, safety showers, eye wash stations, hand washing stations, fish cleaning stations, and laundries.
Domestic Waste means waste excluding hazardous waste that emanates from premises used wholly or mainly for residential, educational, sport or recreational purposes.
Domestic Waste means the liquid and waterborne wastes derived from the ordinary living processes, free from industrial wastes and of such character as to permit satisfactory disposal, without special treatment, into the sewer system.