Domestic Waste definition

Domestic Waste. ’ means waste, excluding hazardous waste, that emanates from premises that are used wholly or mainly for residential, educational, health care, sport or recreation purposes, which include:
Domestic Waste means waste that emanates from premises used wholly or mainly for--
Domestic Waste means the waste produced by residents in their homes;

Examples of Domestic Waste in a sentence

  • Domestic Waste shall be transported to the accepted refuse disposal site off site in covered containers or covered trucks.

  • Organic Waste shall be disposed of as per Domestic Waste and waste manifest supplied to the Employer’s.

  • The standard working hours of employees shall be 76 per fortnight in accordance with the 9 day fortnight roster provisions (ie working 8.45 hours per day), Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays) as follows: • Normal Work Groups; 7.00am to 3.56pm (1/2 hour lunch break) • Domestic Waste Collection; 6.00am to 2.56pm (1/2 hour lunch break) • Watering work groups; 6.30am to 3.26pm (1/2 hour lunch break).

  • Domestic Waste shall not include Infiltration and Inflow, Non-Domestic Waste, or grease-trap waste.

  • The terms and conditions of employment other than Monetary Rates, means Part A of the Domestic Waste and Recycling (State) Award 2003 .

More Definitions of Domestic Waste

Domestic Waste. - shall mean liquid-carried sanitary sewage discharge which is normally discharged from residential food preparation and bathroom facilities.
Domestic Waste means material discharged from galleys, sinks, showers, safety showers, eye wash stations, hand washing stations, fish cleaning stations, and laundries.
Domestic Waste means wastewater (or water-carried waste) of human origin generated by personal activities from toilet, kitchen, laundry, or bathing facilities, or by other similar facilities used for household or residential dwelling purposes (“sanitary sewage”). Domestic waste shall not include any waste resulting from industrial or commercial processes, including, without limitation, any hazardous or toxic pollutants. Wastes emanating from sources other than residential dwelling units which are to be considered domestic wastes shall be of the same nature and strength and have the same flow rate characteristics.
Domestic Waste means waste generated on premises used solely for residential purposes and purposes of public worship, including halls or other buildings used for religious purposes, but does not include commercial business waste or general business waste or organic waste;
Domestic Waste means the liquid and waterborne wastes derived from the ordinary living processes, free from industrial wastes and of such character as to permit satisfactory disposal, without special treatment, into the sewer system.
Domestic Waste means liquid carried sanitary sewage discharged from Residential Customer Connections (including Apartments) which is properly shredded and amenable to biological treatment, which is normally discharged from Residential food preparation and bathroom facilities, and which has biological oxygen demand (5-day) and total suspended solids concentrations not exceeding 200 milligrams per liter.
Domestic Waste means waste produced on real property or in premises which is solely used for residential purposes.