Feed definition

Feed means feed as defined in point (4) of Article 3 of Regulation (EC) No 178/2002;
Feed. (or ‘feedingstuff’) means any substance or product, including additives, whether processed, partially processed or unprocessed, intended to be used for oral feeding to animals;

Examples of Feed in a sentence

  • The Daily Usage Feed will be a variable block format (2476) with an LRECL of 2472.

  • The data on the Daily Usage Feed will be in a non-compacted EMI format (175 byte format plus modules).

  • Feed crops are crops produced primarily for consumption by animals.

  • The power to set standards, monitor and audit local authority food law enforcement services was conferred on the Food Standards Agency by the Food Standards Act 1999 and the Official Feed and Food Controls (England) Regulations 2009.

  • The Optional Daily Usage Feed will contain both rated and unrated messages.

More Definitions of Feed

Feed means hay or silage.
Feed means any material that may attract or be con- sumed by wild animals that is placed for any non−hunting purpose including recreational and supplemental feeding under ss. 29.335 and 29.336, Stats., but does not include plain drinking water or decoys.
Feed means the prepared and mixed materials, which include but are not limited to materials such as limestone, clay, shale, sand, iron ore, mill scale, cement kiln dust, and fly ash, that are fed to the kiln. Feed does not include the fuels used in the kiln to produce heat to form the clinker product.
Feed means the visual information transmitted by a Public Surveillance Camera.
Feed means any material consumed, or intended to be consumed, by animals other than humans, or any element of that material that contributes nutrition, taste, or aroma, or otherwise has a technical effect on the consumed material. The term “feed” includes raw materials, ingredients, and finished product.
Feed means any RSS, or variant, feed containing content from a Site as made available by the Company from time to time;