Dice definition

Dice means small cubes, each with a different number of spots (1-6) on each side, used in games of chance to generate random numbers.
Dice has the meaning specified in the introductory paragraph hereto.
Dice means the dice used in the game of Snake Eyes, each complying with section 16 of the General Rules for Casino Table Games, provided that, at any one time, only two of the Dice may be utilised in active play and Rolled and no more than five Dice in total may be present or placed on a table;

Examples of Dice in a sentence

  • During a Match in a Sanctioned or Official tournament, NEURON may be used in offline mode for the following functions only: • Life Point calculation (Duelists must also keep a paper record of Life Points)• Dice rolls/coin flips• Camera Search for card translations Online functions, including News, Card Database searches, or accessing the Forbidden and Limited list; may not be utilised during a Match.

  • During this period, I was also unable to attend the funerals of Surviving Spouses: Mary Larson, Ellen “Popey” Joy, and Nancy Dice.

  • However, differences were statistically significant only for the Dice score (maximal p < 0.02), where MU-Net-R demonstrated a stable performance between the two hemispheres.

  • In the contralateral one, both STEPS and majority voting achieved higher Dice scores than in the lesioned hemisphere (p < 0.001), achieving a higher Dice score than MU-Net-R (p < 0.03), which in contrast did not perform in a statistically different way (p > 0.7) between the two hemispheres.

  • Similarly, there was no significant Dice score difference in the ipsilateral hippocampus between all high performing methods.

  • Dice que si llueve, que vienen.says that if rains that come3-pl.Indic.‘S/he says that they will come (here) if it rains.’ (Villa-García 2012: 263)There is an obvious superficial similarity between (5) and (46): there are two iden- tical complementizers, and embedded clause material is sandwiched between the two complementizers.

  • BCELoss and Dice loss will contribute to distribution and region training, respectively.

  • BCELoss is multiplied (α) by a factor of 5, which will bring the BCELoss to the same level as Dice Loss.

  • Dice score The Dice score [36] is a measure of the overlap between two volumes and is defined as:D = 2 |Yt ∩ Y | , (4)|Yt| + |Y |where Y is the automatic segmentation and Yt the ground truth.

  • We measured, respectively, for the ipsilateral and contralateral hippocampus, Dice scores of 0.836 and 0.838, HD95 distances of 0.46 mm and0.43 mm, precision of 0.897 and 0.881, recall of 0.787 and 0.804, VS of 0.928 and 0.946, and CS of 0.992 and 0.991.In terms of HD95 distance, on the contralateral side, we only saw a significant difference between the under-performing single-atlas method and all other methods (p < 0.0005).

More Definitions of Dice

Dice means either; a pair of 2 die thrown to determine winning bets in Craps or a set of 3 die shaken using a dice cup to determine the position of the first hand in Pai Gow.
Dice means the pitted fruit cut into cube-like parts.

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