Games of chance definition

Games of chance means and includes only the games known as “merchandise wheels,” “raffles,” “bell jars,” “coin boards,” “merchandise boards,” “seal cards” and such other specific games as may be authorized by the commission, in which prizes are awarded on the basis of a designated winning number or numbers, color or colors, symbol or symbols determined by chance, but not including games commonly known as “bingo” or “lotto” and also not including “slot machines,” “bookmaking,” “policy or numbers games” and “lottery,” as defined in section 225.00 of the Penal Law. Only games of chance designated by the commission may be conducted. No game of chance shall involve wagering of money by one player against another player.
Games of chance means any game involving gambling as defined by RSA 647:2, II, or any lottery prohibited by RSA 647:1, but shall not include any game involving the use of a slot machine or any other device in the nature of a slot machine, 50/50 raffles as defined in RSA 287-A:1, III, or ice-out contests as defined in RSA 287-D:1, IV. “Slot machine” shall not include an electronic table that aids in the dealing and administration of approved card games of chance.
Games of chance means and include only the games known as

Examples of Games of chance in a sentence

  • Games of chance, including raffles, are specifically prohibited by city code.

  • Games of chance where real money is not at risk (e.g., Casino Night sponsored by the Residence Hall Association) are allowed.

  • Games of chance, drinking games, contests, and other activities that induce, encourage, or result in the rapid consumption of alcohol are prohibited.

  • Games of chance, tombolas and prize draws as well as raffles requiring the purchase of a ticket are only permitted if they are carried out in line with current legislation.

  • Blackjack; (2) Poker; (3) All other banking and non-banking card games; (4) Craps; (5) All other banking and non-banking dice games; (6) Roulette; (7) Baccarat-chemin de fer; (8) Wheel of Fortune; (9) Keno; (10) Games of chance utilizing electronic gaming equipment comparable to that authorized for the Kansas Lottery (Kan.

More Definitions of Games of chance

Games of chance means any type of game wherein the outcome is determined by statistical odds, including but not limited to, casino table games, slot machines, poker, dice games, wheel games among others.
Games of chance. ’ means those games that provide an opportunity to compete for prizes or premiums if the winners are designated by means of any calculation of probability over which the participants are generally unable to exercise a dominant influence. (Betting and Gaming Act 1964, Article 1(1)(a))
Games of chance means any game or activity, which falls within the broad definition of Gaming or Gaming Activity.
Games of chance means a game of chance as defined in paragraph 3 of section 186 of the General Municipal Law.
Games of chance means bingo and Class III gaming, but does not include social games played solely for prizes of minimal value, or traditional forms of Indian gaming engaged in by individuals as a part of, or in connections with, tribal ceremonies or celebrations;
Games of chance means any game in which the element of chance predominates over any element of skill in determining the winner of a prize.
Games of chance means any game involving gambling as defined by RSA 647:2, II,