designated partner definition

designated partner means any partner designated as such pursuant to section 7;
designated partner means, in relation to a limited liability partnership, any partner identified as such in the declaration or, if none, the partner whose name first appears in the statement of partners in the declaration;
designated partner means a person of the same or opposite sex with whom an employee has cohabited in an intimate relationship for a continuous period of twelve (12) months, or more, and who for a period of twelve (12) months or more, has been so designated by the employee in a notation made on the employee’s personnel file.

More Definitions of designated partner

designated partner means a partner who is designated as such in the incorporation documents or who become a designated partner by and in accordance with the Limited Liability Partnership Agreement.
designated partner means a party that We license and authorize to distribute, provide and use the Service for the party’s users and customers.
designated partner has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.
designated partner means the Designated partners of the LLP and includes persons holding the position of Designated Partners by whatever name called.
designated partner means an authorized Xxxxx.xx Partner to place orders on Customer’s behalf, manage Customer’s purchases, and provide and receive notices and other communications to and from Xxxxx.xx.
designated partner means an individual designated as designated partner of any entity within the True North Group which is a limited liability partnership under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008.
designated partner means any partner designated as such pursuant to sec- tion 7;