Design Charrette definition

Design Charrette means an interactive and collaborative process where participants (school district, architects and others) work in a focused and sustained effort to develop the basis for a feasible building design that meets the educational, budgetary and schedule goals for the project.
Design Charrette means a facilitated interactive process used by districts, and their architects and designers to better understand the educational requirements, needs, concerns, trade-offs and acceptable solutions, so that there is a much higher chance criteria and concept for the design is closer to what best identifies the district's educational needs within the project budget when the initial design is done.
Design Charrette means a facilitated interactive process of meeting(s) used by districts, and their architects, designers, and others to better understand the programmatic requirements of the project, including but not limited to

Examples of Design Charrette in a sentence

  • VES or Value Based Design Charrette (VBDC) – facilitate a VES or VBDC in accordance with USACE guidelines (up to 3 days) with staff from the Diversion Authority, PMC, and USACE.

  • That part of the Master Planning exercise include a public Design Charrette to solicit public input.

  • The EDA’s governing body is substantively the same as the governing body of Blue Earth County and there is a financial benefit or burden relationship between the County and the EDA.

  • MArch students are required to take the Somerville Design Charrette (quarter- course), the Gillmor Theory Seminar (quar- ter-course) or the Taylor Practice Seminar (quarter-course), which are offered as one week block courses, at least once (may be repeated for elective credit).

  • Design Charrette: Use BIM and Green Building Studio to optimize building geometries and orientations.

  • It is expected the outcome of the Design Charrette will be to produce a quality design and meet the sustainability requirements of the State as per Scope of Services Paragraph 3.0.2 and National Guard Bureau as found in XX Xxx 415-5 Chapter 11-2.

  • Signals (October 14th 2016): Foundry Design Charrette findings - Proposed Interior Design Principles Foundry centres are designed and built in accordance with the Foundry Central Office’s environmental design guidelines and functional programming developed specifically for each centre.

  • For projects pursuing Green Communities Criteria certification, project teams must hold a Goal Setting and Integrated Design Charrette prior to application to consider the most cost effective ways to integrate required green design elements.

  • The ARCHITECT will participate in a Design Charrette with the District and its Consultants on the identification of the HPLE Rating System credits to be implemented in the project design.

  • Resolution Authorizing The Mayor To Execute A Contract With To Conduct A Design Charrette And Create Construction Documents Related To One Monument Square.

Related to Design Charrette

  • Design-build means a project delivery method in which the detailed design and subsequent construction is provided through a single contract with a Design-Build firm; a team, partnership, or legal entity that includes design professionals and a builder. The Design-Build Project delivery shall be implemented in accordance with Tex. Gov’t Code § 2166.2531.2

  • Design flow means the average annual flow or average daily flow specified in an approved facilities plan or approved plans and specifications, the flow specified in a WPDES permit, or the flow required to meet performance standards.

  • Design-Builder means the Person selected pursuant to the RFP that enters into the Contract with the Department to design and construct the Project (also referred to as the “Design-Build Team”).

  • Design-build team means an entity that consists of:

  • Design-Build Firm means a partnership, corporation or other legal entity that:

  • Design-Build Agreement means the design and construction agreement between Project Co and the Design-Builder, a certified copy of which has been delivered by Project Co to the Authority, as amended, supplemented or replaced from time to time in accordance with this Agreement;

  • Design storm means a hypothetical discrete rainstorm characterized by a specific duration, temporal distribution, rainfall intensity, return frequency, and total depth of rainfall.

  • Design-build contract means a single contract with a Design-Build Firm for the design and construction of a public construction project.

  • Design Phase means the period during which the Transporter shall prepare a draft project proposal for publication in accordance with section 4.3;

  • Design-build entity means a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture, or other legal entity that is able to provide appropriately licensed contracting, architectural, and engineering services as needed pursuant to a design-build contract.

  • Design Manual means the MOHLTC design manual or manuals in effect and applicable to the development, upgrade, retrofit, renovation or redevelopment of the Home or Beds subject to this Agreement.

  • Design Change is a change in work and/or materials shown in the Schedule of Items and described in Plans or specifications that has been mutually agreed to in writing or ordered by Contracting Officer. Changes of a minor nature (such as adjustment in horizontal and vertical alignment, that do not exceed specified tolerance, necessary to maintain or balance earthwork quantities substantially as designed) and variation in quantities, as described in B5.251, shall not be considered Design Changes.

  • Design Documentation means all schematics and test, assembly and package documentation relating to the Product, including all design, specification and assembly documentation and data files for Materials, which is necessary for the production, manufacture, qualification, testing and delivery of the Product to be attached as Exhibit A.

  • Design Services means architect services, engineer services or landscape architect services.

  • Design engineer means a person professionally qualified and duly licensed in New Jersey to perform engineering services that may include, but not necessarily be limited to, development of project requirements, creation and development of project design and preparation of drawings and specifications.

  • Design-bid-build means a project delivery method in which:

  • Design means the appearance of the whole or a part of a product resulting from the features of, in particular, the lines, contours, colours, shape, texture and/or materials of the product itself and/or its ornamentation;

  • Design Standards means the standards developed as a requirement of the Programmatic Agreement

  • Brand Name Specification means a specification limited to one or more items by manufacturers’ names or catalogue number.

  • Design torso angle means the angle measures between a vertical line through the "R" point and the torso line in a position which corresponds to the design position of the seat-back established by the vehicle manufacturer;

  • Architect/Engineer (A/E means a person registered as an architect pursuant to Tex. Occ. Code Ann., Ch. 1051, as a landscape architect pursuant to Tex. Occ. Code Ann., Ch. 1052, a person licensed as a professional engineer pursuant Tex. Occ. Code Ann., Ch. 1001, and/or a firm employed by Owner or Design-Build Contractor to provide professional architectural or engineering services and to exercise overall responsibility for the design of a Project or a significant portion thereof, and to perform the contract administration responsibilities set forth in the Contract.

  • Design Criteria means the design criteria set out in the Ministry’s publication “Design Criteria for Sanitary Sewers, Storm Sewers and Forcemains for Alterations Authorized under Environmental Compliance Approval”, (as amended from time to time).

  • Electrical contractor means an electrical contractor as defined in the Regulations;

  • technical specification means, with respect to any Software, the document setting forth the technical specifications for such Software and included in the Statement of Work.

  • Schematic Design Documents means drawings prepared by the Trade Contractor that illustrate the scale and relationship of the various Trade Contractor Work components and which also contain square footage and volume calculations for the building interior spaces, building exterior spaces, and major architectural and interior finishes.

  • Design Documents means, collectively and as applicable, the Conceptual Design Documents, Schematic Design Documents, the Design Development Documents and the Construction Documents prepared by the Trade Contractor.